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Redarc is an Australian manufacturer based in South Australia who is dedicated to developing industry leading products to fulfill the individual requirements of consumers. ARB stocks a selection of Redarc battery management products to assist you with finding the right solution for your auxiliary battery requirements. When installing dual battery systems, including batteries and solenoids, it is essential that you consider the intended usage. Whether or not it will be used just on weekends, or for extended remote area travel are important considerations and ARB staff will be happy to help you out with selecting the right products for you.

SmartStart SBI Series

SmartStart SBI Series

This auxiliary battery isolator is designed for use in multi-battery applications as a solenoid priority system while ensuring your main battery won't go flat while charging additional accessories.

SmartStart SBI SeriesThe SmartStart SBI Series maintains optimum charge to the main battery, only charging the auxiliary when the main battery is fully charged. Two models are available, both have surge and spike protection, can be used with modern alternators and are suitable if the two batteries are not the same (eg. cranking and deep cycle).

  • Charges your auxiliary battery whilst you drive
  • Provides protection against a flat start battery
  • Silver contacts for longer life
  • Power saving technology
  • Fault indication
  • LED lights appear when the solenoid is activated
  • Fully surge-protected
  • Compact and easy to install
SmartStart Dual Battery Isolator and Wiring Kit

SmartStart Dual Battery Isolator and Wiring Kit

Perfectly suited to the DIYer, the SBI12KIT comes with everything required to install the SmartStart Dual Battery Isolator including the SmartStart itself.

SmartStart Dual Battery Isolator and Wiring KitThe kit requires no crimping or soldering and comes complete with a detailed instruction booklet. It also features high quality MTA 60 amp fuses and fuse holders with the corresponding ring terminals already attached to the wires.

  • Prevents your secondary battery from draining your main battery
  • Significantly extends battery life
  • Can be used for recreational automotive and marine applications
  • Easy to install
SmartStart BCDC1220

SmartStart BCDC1220

The BCDC1220 ensures that your auxiliary battery always receives the optimum voltage and current for maximum battery life and performance.

SmartStart BCDC1220This product is the ideal solution for managing a dual battery where there is either voltage drop due to long battery cables, or two different battery chemistries in use. With internal components fully encased in silicone, it is perfect for applications where the auxiliary battery is located in the back of a wagon, ute tray or trailer.

  • Maximises the performance of your auxiliary battery
  • Counteracts the effect of voltage drop over long cable runs
  • Suitable for charging from 12V or 24V vehicles
  • Compact and easy to install

REDARC also offer a 40 Amp multi stage battery charger that incorporates a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar regulator to ensure the maximum amount of power from your solar panels is delivered to your auxiliary battery even in cloudy conditions.

* BCDC1220 pictured

SmartStart Battery Management System

SmartStart Battery Management System

Built to direct the vehicle's charging system, 240V and solar inputs, the management system is a complete battery charging and maintenance solution.

SmartStart Battery Management SystemWith an interactive face panel to show important elements such as charge completion and solar power generation, it will work with dissimilar batteries and dissimilar battery chemistries.

  • Optimum charging of your house batteries
  • No input is needed from the user
  • Super quiet and extremely reliable
  • Can be used for recreational automotive and marine applications
Low Coolant Alarm

Low Coolant Alarm

The low coolant alarm provides a visual and audible alarm if your vehicle's coolant falls below a desired level.

Low Coolant AlarmRegular vehicle temperature senders measure coolant temperature accurately, but are often ineffective if the coolant level drops below the sender. If your vehicle loses coolant you may miss the temperature spike, resulting in costly engine damage. The LCA1224 will flash an LED and sound an alarm if the coolant level falls below its sensor.

  • Dual voltage that is suitable for 12V or 24V, negative or positive earth systems
  • Self-test activates when ignition is turned on
  • Wire alarm will sound if the wire to the probe is broken
  • Anti-slosh LED and alarm activates if the radiator is not at an optimum level
  • External warning outputs allow a dashboard lamp and/or a buzzer to be used when the LCA1224 is not visible to the driver
Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Pure Sine Wave Inverters

While many inverters on the market produce a modified sine wave, a pure sine wave output, like the wall plug in a house, is superior.

Pure Sine Wave InvertersPerfect for delicate electronics, handheld GPS units, computers and more, Redarc has a wide range of inverters available depending on your specific requirements.

  • Operates common household equipment in your vehicle
  • Runs 240V devices (dependent on power usage)
  • Suitable for power tools and sensitive electronic equipment
  • Advanced microprocessor controls
  • Loading controlled cooling fan



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