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ARB Canopy Roof Racks and Bars

Equipping your vehicle with a roof rack or roof bar system is the ideal solution for carrying bulky items or to simply free up space in the vehicle.

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ARB Canopy Roof Racks

An ARB canopy roof rack is perfect for carrying timber, ladders and a variety of other equipment. Available in two sizes for dual cab vehicles, both steel and aluminium models are available, incorporating an aerodynamic, durable design. Featuring an open ended design to aid loading, an optional roof rack roller can also be selected (steel racks only) to assist with loading longer items.

ARB Canopy Roof Bars

ARB’s canopy roof bar systems utilise Thule or Rhino roof bars, supported by an internal steel frame. Both of these roof bar brands offer a massive selection of trade and recreational accessories, making this an extremely versatile system for carrying a wide variety of loads.

Internal Frame

All canopy mounted bar and rack systems are supported by an internal frame, which is securely mounted to the ute body. This ensures that the vehicle, not the canopy, is supporting the load.




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