Batteries and Battery Solutions

Whether it’s to keep a few luxuries powered up on your next weekend away or to power a large setup on a long trip, ARB has a wide range of batteries and battery solutions that will keep you going.

From auxiliary battery systems to provide peace of mind and allow you to power additional accessories without the risk of flattening the main battery, to chargers and batteries, ARB has something to suit your needs.


A tough and reliable battery is essential on the road and ARB stocks two of the best brands for the job.

  • Auxiliary kits are designed to suit Century Yuasa or Optima batteries depending on the make and model of your vehicle
  • Independent power source for items such as fridges and camp lights
  • Peace of mind in the event of a main battery failure


Auxiliary Battery Kits

Manufactured from 2mm powder coated steel, these auxiliary battery trays are available on their own or as part of a complete kit.

  • A dual battery box is available for tub mount applications and comes complete with a separate bolt on lid for additional protection
  • Kits are supplied with tray and mounting hardware, factory terminated wiring and either a solenoid or smart solenoid


CTEK Battery Chargers

Ideal for when you need to recharge or maintain your 4WD battery, CTEK battery chargers are small, fully automatic and have smart accessories, making them convenient and simple to use. Suitable for all types of lead-acid batteries, this range of chargers is ideal for a multitude of applications including off road, automotive, marine, outdoor power equipment, lawn and garden as well as professional and consumer applications.

Hummingbird Battery Monitor

The Hummingbird Battery Monitor is your best friend when travelling with your caravan, boat, fridge, or solar accessories, making it a breeze when keeping an eye on your battery levels.

Using radio frequencies and no wires, this easy to install monitor measures your battery voltage of up to four remote batteries at a time. Displaying the voltage levels on a remote colour screen, alarm levels can be customly set to warn you on depleting battery levels, essential for when you’re carrying a fridge on a hot weekend away.

This battery monitor uses a long range RF technology, meaning the communication is reliable in all configurations of car and trailer. Batteries can also be given names that are relevant to the application for easy control. Ultra low voltage transmitters are able to be left permanently connected to batteries and do not need to be switched off when not in use, this includes both 12V and 24V batteries.


  • Uses RF to transmit voltage signal
  • Optional buzzer/alarm for under/over voltage
  • Changes colour for under/over voltage
  • Voltage limit adjustable
  • Cigarette lighter connection

  • Precision 100mV
  • Low current draw
  • Battery names customisable
  • Made in Australia

Redarc Lithium DC-DC Chargers

Redarc’s newest range of Lithium DC-DC battery chargers are specifically designed for LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. With a unique charging profile, these chargers will ensure your Lithium batteries are maintained at optimum service voltage for long life and reliability.

Featuring Redarc’s Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, the charger can function as a solar regulator to deliver maximum power from your solar panels to the charge battery.

Backed by a two year warranty, you can be confident that a Redarc Lithium DC-DC charger will provide you with all the power needed.

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