28th January, 2015


I gotta tell you that you’ve got me worried, or at least you’ve got my wife worried! I’ve just been down to your Wangara stockist in WA and have developed a very long wish list for my 2010 2 Door JK Wrangler! First up will be a 2″ OME lift and ARB diff covers, followed by front and rear bar work and lights, snorkel, rear Air Lockers, 33″ tyres and the list goes on. Gotta stop salivating and start saving! I’m fairly new to the 4WDing scene and pretty impressed with the Jeep so far – can’t wait to see and drive it fully kitted out.

Keep up the good work. Just don’t tell the wife!
– Steve

Hi Steve,

Sounds like you have some big plans to go with the big shopping list!

Many 4WD aftermarket accessories are promoted as vital for safe Outback travel and you’re clearly eyeing off plenty of them. But the most vital requirement for any 4WD adventure is to be prepared.

As Mark Lowry, our Product Development and Evaluation honcho, says, “The point of fitting accessories to your vehicle is to make it as safe as possible for your next adventure.” This means figuring out where you plan to go and what you want to do. This naturally has a big affect on what gets put on your wish list and what reaches the top of the list. If you’re planning weekend trips to your local national park, for example, then your list would read something like: bull bar, driving lights, suspension, lockers, snorkel, mud tyres and maybe a portable fridge or esky to keep the food and drinks cold. A big Australian tour, however, asks for additional ‘must have’ gear, including heavy duty suspension, roof rack/bars, sat phone or radio, comprehensive tool and first aid kits, all terrain tyres, auxiliary batteries and so on. Figuring out what you’re going to be using your Jeep for is the key.

Join a local 4WDing club, too. Not only will you meet like-minded folk with a passion for 4WDing, there will also be opportunities to improve your off road skills through courses where you learn to drive and camp responsibly. 4WD clubs are also great ways to get advice on the ‘must-do’ 4WDing adventures both in your local area and across Australia.

The JK Wrangler is a very capable off road vehicle and certainly looks impressive when fully kitted out. If you really want to start salivating, hop onto the video page of the ARB website and check out the ARB catalogue photoshoot – it shows off ARB’s JK Wrangler with pretty much all of the gear on your wish list.

– Kelly Teitzel, Editor