I work at Perisher ski resort and travel up and down the hill at night every day. Over the last three seasons I have hit four large kangaroos, one wombat and this morning I hit a deer at 100 km per hour. I have an ARB steel bull bar on the vehicle and the only damage it has sustained is… Continue Reading

Dear ARB
We wanted to write to you, having just returned from a 26,000KM trip, from Vladivostok in Russia, through Siberia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, western Europe and the UK to London – just me and my girlfriend. Travelling alone, our reliance on our equipment was much higher than those travelling in convoy. We wrote a daily blog of our travels if you… Continue Reading

Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Justin Smith and I would like to thank you for making such excellent quality four wheel drive accessories, in particular good quality bull bars. There is a debate in Australia at the moment about banning bull bars which I am fully against. I owned a Toyota Landcruiser 80 series that had been fitted with an ARB… Continue Reading

We recently visited your Nundah store to enquire about our options as our number plate had been placed in front of our winch therefore limiting access to the winch. We spoke to David Probin who is an absolute credit to your company. He had someone come and get our vehicle and change the location of our plate immediately. Whilst this… Continue Reading

After many years of punishment I needed to replace both locks on the ARB canopy on my Rodeo. Fearing the worst and preparing myself for the usual ‘not made any more’ and ‘you’ll have to buy the whole thing’, and let’s not forget the soul enriching ‘we’ll have to order it in’ (apparently from a small village in Ubrokeitstan).
But I… Continue Reading

Thought I’d share an image of a recent collision with a cow on the Gibb River Road in our 100 Series LandCruiser turbo diesel. We were pretty lucky considering the location of the drain to where we hit it. Once we got the bull bar off, all we had to do was pull the radiator away from the motor and… Continue Reading

I wanted to let you know know that the OME suspension (including Nitro Sport shocks front & rear) you put onto my 200 Series is going well. After my recent trip to Broome we went up to Cape Leveque and most people know what the road conditions are like up there, corrugations, dust and more corrugations. But the Cruiser with… Continue Reading

I am writing to say an extremely big thank you to ARB for the fantastic service and truly amazing ARB Air Lockers you guys fitted to my 40 Series LandCruiser in September. I went out a couple of days after into the Big River area with some friends to see how much of a difference it had made and was… Continue Reading

I drive a Ford Ranger PJ and recently had a deluxe bar fitted in Darwin. When driving the 300km back home to Katherine the same day, I hit a kangaroo taller than the bull bar. At the time I was travelling at 120km/h on a road (130km zone) which dropped off at either side, and had no time to brake… Continue Reading

Good day!
I am emailing you to let you know that I am really pleased with the suspension job that your guys did on my Toyota 100 Series turbo diesel.
The vehicle is handling beautifully off road and was really comfortable on a recent highway trip to Port Lincoln.
My wife even commented on how smooth it was, and she knows as much… Continue Reading