28th January, 2015

Hi ARB, 

I always look forward to getting my copy of the ARB mag and also your catalogue, but I have to ask – why don’t you use recycled paper? We need to protect the forests we still have here in Australia, and I really don’t like the thought of losing my favourite 4WD tracks to the logging trucks. 

– Gareth 

Hi Gareth,

Since the arrival of our new catalogue we have had a handful of enquiries into our printing practices, particularly in relation to recycled paper. While the topic of printing and the environment is one that is quite in-depth and complicated, we have tried to cover as much as we can in a few paragraphs!

ARB is always looking at ways to improve our environmental practices, and print media has long been, and still is, the most effective form of communication for many of our customers.

To alleviate environmental concerns, ARB uses Offset Alpine Printing when printing ARB 4×4 Action and other print media, including the catalogue. Offset Alpine Printing is among the top printers in the industry for environmentally friendly practices, having attained Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accreditation and using a Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) to ensure clients are utilising one of the best forms of environmentally friendly printing.

I have been in contact with Ajith Gomes, ARB’s account manager at Offset Alpine Printing, to give you further information on their environmentally friendly printing practices when printing ARB 4×4 Action and other ARB print media.

“Many common myths exist about paper and printing and how it affects the environment, the most common being that it destroys forests,” Gomes says. “In the case of Offset Alpine Printing, all paper is supplied from a certifiable source, meaning paper is obtained from a managed, sustainable forest where new trees are re-planted upon cropping. The main cause of deforestation in the world is for agricultural or domestic fuel requirements, and occurs mainly in the tropics and not our own backyard. On a side note, a used and replanted forest with young trees absorbs more carbon dioxide than a mature forest consisting of older trees.”

Gomes points out that another common misconception is that recycled paper saves the harvest of trees. While using recycled paper is environmentally friendly, the fact is that virgin fibre (new trees) is almost always needed to create recycled paper. In fact, up to 40% new fibre is needed in recycled paper.

“Offset Alpine Printing has been at the forefront of many environmental initiatives,” Gomes says. “We were one of the first companies to be ISO 14001 accredited. We are also PEFC and FSC accredited – all paper we purchase is from a certifiable source and Offset Alpine adheres to a strict paper buying policy. As well as this, the NSW Government runs a sustainability programme designed to continuously monitor and lessen the environmental impact of business, and Offset Alpine has reached the silver status in this program.”

Quite a few years ago Offset Alpine also changed the ink used on all presses from a solvent-based product to a vegetable-oil-based product, while all glossy paper used by Offset Alpine is made so by polishing and adding clay fillers that are then recycled in the recycling process.

Preserving our natural environments is always a concern for 4WDers and of course ARB, and by using such an environmentally aware printing company and paper sourced from managed forests, we can be assured that our printing practices are not harming our favourite touring tracks.

Rebecca Goulding
ARB Marketing Assistant