28th May, 2014

Hello ARB, 

Recently I purchased an ARB front bumper for my LandCruiser 80. I bought the GX model since I don’t run fender flares. My question is: how can I use my Hi-Lift jack on this bumper. I don’t see any lifting points which would accept a Hi-Lift. Do other 80 Series bumpers have this feature? 

Is there any other option of some sort of bracket that would fit on my bumper to enable a Hi-Lift jack to be used? I’ve seen bumpers for some other models do have a Hi-Lift jacking point in them and wasn’t aware that mine didn’t when buying it. Do you have any solutions for me? 

Otherwise I am super satisfied with my bumper. It looks great, it’s tough, the winch fits great and what I was most concerned, it really isn’t much heavier than the stock (although it is much stronger). You really did a great job with it. 


Miha Vovk, Slovenia

Hi there Miha,

The ARB bull bar (front bumper) for the 80 Series was designed back in the late 80s. almost 20 years ago!

Back then vehicles were a lot simpler, more box shaped than today, and many had steel bumpers. It was common back then to just slide the Hi-Lift jack under any steel part of the vehicle such as the front or rear bumper or the side step. The Hi-Lift company itself made a number of adaptors that are still available today to lift off a wheel or body part. But today of course, 4WD vehicles have changed considerably in their appearance. some would even say they look soft compared to their predecessors. Plastic bumpers, plastic trims and mouldings, rounded body panels etc. all mean that ARB’s modern design bull bars have required the inclusion of Hi-Lift jacking points as standard or there would be almost no point on the vehicle to use a Hi-Lift jack.

But even back in 1989, ARB was conscious about the safety aspects of using a Hi-Lift with our bull bars, so we designed a bracket of our own for safe Hi-Lift use. It’s simply called a ‘Hi-Lift jack adaptor’ and it is designed to mount to either of the two recovery eyelets mounted to the 80 Series bull bar, just below the main upright supports. Its part number is 3500040 and it even comes with the spanner and bolt to mount it. Contact your local ARB distributor, they should be able to get you one in no time, and have you out on the trail and well prepared.

Mark ‘Lowmount’ Lowry
(Manager – Product Development & Evaluation)