9th December, 2013


I have a new extra cab Toyota HiLux and I am considering
a suspension upgrade with Old Man Emu. I understand that
off road the new suspension will be great, however due to a
large amount of time spent on road I am concerned that the
ride will become rough. Is this the case? I have a steel tray
which is quite heavy and I often carry a reasonable amount
of weight. Although I do not do any extreme 4WDing, I do
travel a lot on long, corrugated roads and tow a boat, and
I’m not very happy with the standard suspension. Do you
think OME is the right choice for me?

Thank you,
Aaron Burgess

Aaron, your question is one of the most common concerns people have when changing their suspension and understandably so, because of all the changes you can make to your 4×4, the suspension is the one you will use every time you go driving.

Get it wrong and you will be reminded of it every time you are behind the wheel. Get it right and driving becomes a pleasure.

What makes OME suspension systems different to our competitors is that we carry out lengthy in-house development programs on all our suspension systems right here in Melbourne. Our team of experienced 4×4 engineers carefully designs a range of springs to cover various loads, and shock absorbers specifically valved to match the springs – this ensures you get the optimum in comfort and handling.

As you would have found with your original suspension, one set of springs and one set of shock absorbers won’t do the job well under all the weights and conditions you will put it through. What OME offers is a range of springs to handle the various weights you will be carrying, and a choice of shocks to match. The secret is selecting the right combination that best suits your most common needs and
that is where our experienced sales staff will be able to help you.

I can assure you that after 15 years with OME the most frequent comment we get from customers after having one of our suspension systems fitted is “why didn’t I do this earlier?”

Best wishes,

Syd Groves
(Old Man Emu Product Manager)