28th January, 2015


I am about to replace my dual cab ute with a newer model and am exploring options for the tub. I currently have a ute liner with an ARB fridge slide bolted to the floor. This is great as I have easy access to the fridge and protection for the tub. The only drawback is the difficulty accessing things behind the fridge. 

To get around this, I am considering the ARB roller drawer with roller floor. This would provide organised storage plus access to the fridge and items stored behind the fridge. However, I would only like a single drawer as I need to put oversized objects in the other side of the tub. Does ARB make anything to protect the part of the tub that does not have drawers or is there another possible solution to this problem?


– Richard

Hello Richard,

It’s always exciting when taking delivery of a new vehicle. You essentially have a blank canvas and many possibilities of how you might set it up.

In regards to the cargo area, it’s a good idea to start by assessing your particular requirements. Over time our requirements often change and therefore a setup that once suited you to the ground may no longer be the best option for you today.

It seems like you have made good headway towards working out your storage requirements. You need a fridge installed towards the rear of the tub for easy access, other items stored behind the fridge but with a method of easy access, an area to put odd oversized items and protection for the tub floor and walls.

I think you are right on the money when you are considering the Outback Solutions Modular Roller Drawer System by ARB. This system has fantastic flexibility. Being modular by design, you are able to configure it into a number of different solutions, including stacker arrangements. Optional side floors can be installed in many configurations.

You are considering a single Outback Solutions drawer with roller floor module for your dual cab. A drawer with roller floor provides a full lockable storage drawer and a roller top that slides out to provide easy access to the fridge and other items stored on top. If you were to install the drawer module to either the driver or passenger side of the tub, the other side will be available for the odd oversized items you wish to store.

To provide protection to the floor and walls of the tub, a tub liner is still the best option. Tub liners can cause a small complication when installing a roller drawer as the liner is not the same profile as the tub. This is particularly of interest when installing an optional side floor, however all is not lost. There are two possible solutions to the situation. Firstly, you could choose not to install the optional side floor or secondly, many workshops are happy to trim a universal side floor blank to suit the tub liner profile. The second option is a little fiddlier and takes longer to install, however it looks fantastic once completed. Not all workshops are set up to do this, so you would need to speak with your local outlet. You might also consider a hotwire and plug to power your fridge while the ignition is off.

Installing an Outback Solutions drawer system also gives you options for the future should your circumstances change. For example, if the first module is installed in a suitable location, a second and even a third module could be installed next to the original at a later date.


– Andrew Bellamy, Product Manager
Outback Solutions drawers