22nd January, 2019

It’s 22 days out from one of the world’s most notoriously gruelling desert race and you break your wrist, what do you do? If your name is Toby Price, you suck it up, get your way to Peru, smash through 10 stages over 11 days of torturous off road racing… oh, and you win!

Toby reached out to ARB 4×4 Accessories in the late stages of 2018 as he prepared for his assault on the South American deserts; he loves everything outdoors with a sincere passion for the Australian Outback and coastlines, so the decision to partner with him was an obvious choice.

“When you’re on the cusp of signing on a professional racer, there couldn’t be anything more daunting than to learn of his broken right wrist that’s held together with a few additional pieces of metal,” commented Mark Berger, ARB’s Brand Marketing Manager.

“Especially as he heads into the race which could make or break the rest of his year”.

Toby rode a smart race; no radical starts, just kept himself neat, minimising time lost. Despite severe pain in his broken wrist, Toby was nicely positioned in 3rd after the ‘marathon’ stage and at this point, it started to become more evident than ever that he might just have a race on his hands.

By the end of the 8th stage, Toby had secured the fastest overall time, which he continued to hold through the 9th stage. With only 100kms to go, he just had to stick with the pack.

Winning Dakar by 9m13s with a broken right wrist – what can’t this man do? – and that’s just the start of his 2019 campaign.

From here, Toby is weighing up his options with consideration to head to the USA to compete in the inaugural Trophy Truck event hosted at King Of The Hammers. In and amongst other events we are expecting to see Toby size up his opportunities at the Finke Desert Race; will it be on 2, 4 or both?

ARB is looking forward to working with Toby throughout the year on some combined projects including product assessment for the continual development of accessories which align with his performance racing credentials.

Congratulations TP!