ASK ARB – which battery is best for me?

28th January, 2015

Dear ARB, Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you on a great read. As a member of a large roadside assist organisation for 25 years now, your mag leaves them in the DUST. I love the way you guys incorporate product information into an interesting read of a trip, which brings me to my question. Having been a serious 4WDer in my younger Continue Reading

ASK ARB – tyre pressures

28th January, 2015

Hi, I am intending to drive the Outback Way later in the year. The Outback Way website makes this recommendation about tyre pressures: “Along rough, rocky or corrugated sections of the Outback Way, try to maintain tyres at or near highway pressure so as to keep the tyre walls firm-hard and less susceptible to puncturing by rocks, sticks and sharp objects.” But the Continue Reading

ASK ARB – product development

28th January, 2015

G’day ARB, I just received your Autumn 2010 edition of ARB 4x4 Action. What a great read! I was particularly interested in the new products for the Prado 150. Being a Prado 120 owner, it’s always nice to dream about upgrading one day! I was wondering, when it comes to developing ideas for new products, where do these ideas come from? I imagine you have a team Continue Reading

ASK ARB – HID lighting vs helogen lighting

28th January, 2015

Dear ARB, I am looking to add some IPF driving lights to my new Mitsubishi Triton 4WD which I am setting up for touring. I’ve read many different opinions about the benefits of High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting compared to traditional halogen lighting. On one hand, HID lights offer superior light output, yet on the other hand they are a lot Continue Reading

ASK ARB – battery load test

28th January, 2015

Hi ARB, Recently my family and I went on an overnight camping trip at one of our local beaches. I have a LandCruiser 100 Series TD 06 model with the dual battery set up as standard. During the night’s festivities I was running the 40L Engel on the second setting (fridge only) with the radio going for about five hours until Continue Reading