August 3, 2019 - August 4, 2019

FeNaClNG Festival 2019

Bulgarra Oval, Searipple Road
Karratha, 6714

The Lions Club of Karratha/Dampier main activity and fundraiser each year is the annual FeNaClNG Festival. The name, FeNaClNG, comes from the chemical symbols of the three main production and export commodities in Karratha and Dampier: Iron Ore-Fe, Salt-NaCl and Natural Gas-NG [not strictly correct but it makes the name work!]. The Festival is of such importance locally that a public holiday is declared.

FeNaClNG is similar to an Agricultural Show, there are displays of handiwork and crafts from all sections of the community, delicious foods, stalls selling novelties, clothing, souvenirs and jewellery. Also, there are sideshows displaying the best in 4×4, and for the youngsters there are all sorts of rides and activities to participate in!

Come on down and see the ARB team at the 2019 FeNaClNG Festival!


Event hours:

Saturday 3rd August 2019 – 10am until 11pm

Sunday 4th August 2019 – 10am until 11pm

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