Kids Colouring Competition Winners & Runner Ups

We were inundated with everyone’s awesome colouring submissions! It was very hard to choose from – but we’ve finally chosen our lucky winners and runner ups!

Each winner will receive an awesome Kids Gift Pack filled with goodies, and an Ariel or Fourby plush toy!

Each runner up will receive an awesome Kids Gift Pack filled with goodies galore!


Driving Games

Keeping everyone in the vehicle occupied when you’ve got a long drive ahead can be a big challenge. And once you arrive, whether it’s night time or a spot of bad weather, you can’t always do the fun, outdoorsy things you had planned.

All families have their own ways of ensuring that everyone keeps smiling on a trip away but sometimes you need to make your own fun. Travel games are perfect for times like these, so here are few ideas for your next camping adventure.


Print-Out Puzzles

Perfect for those long road trips or when you’ve set up camp. Here are some fun printable games and puzzles to keep your mind active and busy!

From crosswords, to connect the dots, spot the difference and much more! Compete with friends and family to see who can finish the most puzzles.


Fourby And Ariel's Cartoons

Missed out on the latest comic adventures of Fourby and Ariel? Check out all your favourite cartoons here from every issue of the magazine.



Watch Fourby and Ariel come to life...

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