7th November, 2018

When planning a long-distance or remote trip in your fourby, fuel consumption and petrol stations become of primary concern. Whether you are loaded to the brim, towing, engaging low range or a combination of them all, fuel economy is likely to take a hit. Your roughly 700km fuel range can quickly halve, and the nervous approach to the next town becomes a far too frequent occurrence… let’s hope they haven’t run out of diesel!

Recover your fuel range and your composure with one of ARB’s long range Frontier fuel tanks.

Frontier tanks are designed to significantly increase the fuel capacity of your vehicle, by replacing the original equipment with a seamless, one-piece tank that is shaped to fit within the existing voids on the underbody of the vehicle. Because the tanks are uniquely shaped to fit individual vehicles, it means greater use of empty areas beneath the car while keeping the tank high under the chassis for improved off road clearance compared to some alternative long range tanks.

The secret to the strength of the Frontier tank is its Crosslink Polymer construction. Crosslink Polymer is a lightweight, durable material that flexes when impacted rather than dinting or puncturing. Featuring up to 8mm wall thickness the Frontier tank offers durability to withstand the harshest off road conditions. As a full replacement system, there is no reliance on transfer fuel pumps or dual fillers.

New Mitsibushi Pajero Frontier Tank

With a tank already available for most popular 4×4 diesel models, ARB has recently released a Frontier long range tank for the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport offering a 58% increase in capacity to 100 litres.

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