23rd November, 2015

Our search is over, and we’re happy to show off our last but certainly not least Off Road Icon, The Land Rover Defender.

Introducing the Defender into the market as a private recreational vehicle brought around the introduction of new options, such as radio-cassette players, styled wheels, as well as accessories such as surfboard carriers and bike racks.

This model is powered by Land Rover’s economical four-cylinder direct injection turbo diesel engine, with a very reasonable 250,000km showing on the odometer. It’s a dominant red in color, with a white roof and decals down the side. The interior is in pretty good shape, there are obviously a few marks down the back with the way the Defenders are set up with no carpet, and the original rims were buckled by the previous owner, with a little ding on the right hand side rear.

Most of the repair work will be performed in house, including the re-spray if deemed necessary.

Land Rover Defender stats:

  • Over the 30+ year lifespan engines included 2.25L petrol, 2.25L diesel, four and five cylinder 2.5L turbo-diesel, 2.4 turbo-diesel and the current 2.2L turbo-diesel.
  • 110, 90 and 127 model designations all refer to wheelbase lengths (in inches).
  • The Defender 110 could technically fit up to 12 people, qualifying as a “bus” by tax standards, thus allowing them to to be exempt from the brutal tax system on passenger vehicles.
  • According to the movie Judge Dredd, the significantly modernized Land Rover 101 Forward Vehicle will be the only car still in use (as a taxi cab) in 2139.