ASK ARB – research and development behind an ARB bull bar

21st July, 2014

Hi ARB, I have been lucky enough to be able to purchase a new model Toyota Prado 150 Series. I was wondering what process ARB goes through when a new model of a popular 4WD is about to arrive to ensure that they have compatible accessories in a timely manner? Obviously you guys would spend a considerable amount of time and money in researching this. How early Continue Reading

ASK ARB – hi-lift jacking points

28th May, 2014

Hello ARB,  Recently I purchased an ARB front bumper for my LandCruiser 80. I bought the GX model since I don't run fender flares. My question is: how can I use my Hi-Lift jack on this bumper. I don't see any lifting points which would accept a Hi-Lift. Do other 80 Series bumpers have this feature?  Is there any other option of Continue Reading

ASK ARB – Portable vs Vehicle Mounted

28th April, 2014

Hi, My question relates to air compressors. I am in the market for a compressor as I do quite a bit of sand driving. I would also like to one day get some ARB Air Lockers, but can only afford to do a bit at a time. Do you recommend getting an ARB compressor installed to pump up my tyres and Continue Reading

ASK ARB – recovery straps, country of manufacture

15th April, 2014

Dear ARB, Checking out the latest products from ARB is always an eye opener. There is always something that gets added to the list of wants. Recently it had come time for me to renew some of my recovery gear, so I went to my local ARB store to check it out. The selection of straps was great and I was almost Continue Reading

ASK ARB – fridge freezer and roller drawers

10th April, 2014

Hi ARB, I am intending to retire next year and have just bought my retirement vehicle – a LandCruiser 200 Series. I have begun setting this vehicle up for touring postretirement and would love to put roller drawers in the back. I have seen roller drawers in other vehicles and like the idea, however my wife is not keen on having Continue Reading