ASK ARB – advantages of a snorkel

28th November, 2011

Dear ARB, The new Safari snorkel for the Toyota FJ Cruiser looks great! I am a big believer in a snorkel's advantage for both water crossings and when you're at the back-end of a desert convoy. But with all these advantages and good looks, is there any down side? With the engine idling in low, low gear as the rig crawls Continue Reading

ASK ARB – Air Locker Queries

3rd May, 2011

Hi, I have two questions for you about Air Lockers. I would like to know whether they are fact or fiction. Firstly, I have heard that you shouldn’t install Air Lockers in full time 4WDs such as the Prado because it will break the transfer case as only the rear diff is locked and not the front, causing the transfer case to fail. Secondly I have heard Continue Reading

ASK ARB – suspension limitations

6th March, 2011

Hi guys, I have recently purchased an MK Triton after parting with my trusty old NJ Pajero which I had for years covered in ARB gear! The Triton is now also covered in ARB except for Old Man Emu suspension which I’m yet to get around to purchasing. This slipped my mind until I was airborne in the Triton after hitting a Continue Reading

ASK ARB – Front or Rear?

28th January, 2011

Dear ARB, I was wondering what is the best option for an ARB diff lock if I was only going to get one front or rear? I do most of my driving in bush and have had cross axle traction problems so I was hoping a diff lock would solve a bit of my problems. Regards, Geoff Geoff, Unfortunately the question of front vs rear Continue Reading