21st March, 2018

Whether you are carrying tools of the trade or packing everything including the kitchen sink for an extended trip; your vehicle can become both dangerous and illegal if it breaches the allocated gross vehicle mass (GVM).

The GVM is the maximum the vehicle can legally weigh when fully loaded. Everything you place either onto or inside the vehicle adds to the overall GVM including fuel, luggage, water, accessories and passengers. All vehicles have a legal GVM as part of the manufacturer’s overall Australian Design Rules (ADR) approval. If the vehicle exceeds these limits, not only could you be up for a costly fine, but your vehicle runs the risk of being unsafe and as a consequence, void your insurance conditions.

To significantly increase your load capacity, Old Man Emu offers GVM upgrades in line with the ADR requirements for a number of new unregistered vehicles. Once the approved OME suspension system and GVM Upgrade Compliance Plate have been fitted to your vehicle by an authorised OME fitter, it can then be registered according to its new increased GVM. This process ensures your vehicle maintains GVM legal requirements in all states of Australia.

Further, Old Man Emu is pleased to announce that ARB has released a Stage 2 GVM upgrade suitable for the new, unregistered LandCruiser 200 Series. The Stage 2 GVM upgrade increases the OE GVM from 3350kgs to 3845kgs. Under the regulations of this stage 2 GVM upgrade, the LandCruiser must be under a 600kg constant load. If this is unsuitable for your requirements, ARB is continuing to install Stage 1 upgrades which allow a 3650kg GVM.

So whether you tow a caravan, trailer or boat or you fit all of your family’s belongings into the car; for your next vehicle, make sure you have your rig sorted to carry the weight.