15th December, 2020

Product Releases: December 2020



Expanding the range of the ARB BASE Rack, mounting kits for the Y62 Patrol, the 100 Series LandCruiser and the Prado 120 are now available. The BASE Rack is a fully welded, lightweight rack with a unique dovetail accessory system.

The BASE Rack is available for order now for a variety of vehicle applications.

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Perfect for customers carrying lighter weights, ARB Cross Bars are aluminium roof bars that can be purchased individually to suit each unique set-up. Compatible with current model Classic and Classic Plus canopies and the Sportlid V, the canopy mount system can hold up to 50kg (evenly spread across two bars) where the Sportlid V mount system can hold up to 75kg (evenly spread across two bars).

ARB Cross Bar are available now.

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ARB Neoprene Armrests have now been released to suit the Touring and Airlocker camp chair. Expect a new level of comfort when sitting by the campfire.

The ARB Neoprene Armrests are in stock now.

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ARB’s Aluminium Awning has received a new look with a black gloss case to house the 2,500 x 2,500 Awning with LED Light. Provide shelter quickly and easily wherever you are with this new edition to the ARB Awning range.

The black Aluminium Awning is in stock now.

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House your Air Systems gear in the new look Air Inflation Case. Featuring seven pockets, reflective strips for high visibility, rubber ring pulls and a rubber carry handle. Now in a grey PVC waterproof material with blue accents.

The new Inflation Case Series II is now available.

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Featuring three styles, the new Horizon Lights are the perfect addition to a campsite, workshop or around the home.

The Horizon Area Light is a great tool to check under the bonnet with its magnetic swivel base, provide light in an awning room or as general campsite lighting.

The Horizon Flashlight provides handheld light when on the move, perfect for the late night trips to the toilet or to check on the kids in the swag.

The Horizon Work Light has a hinge base to secure around objects and is magnetic to secure to metal surfaces such as service bodies, trailers or some fridges. The Horizon Work Light also comes with a wireless charger to charge on the go.

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