ARB’s New Deluxe Canvas Sleeping Bag

23rd February, 2017

The ARB deluxe canvas sleeping bag design offers more room to move comfortably inside the bag, as well as having a removable internal fleece liner for the cooler nights and easy cleaning. Need one for your partner? The ARB deluxe bag can be joined together to form one mega double bag to keep you warm on those cooler nights, with a Continue Reading

NX Pajero Bull Bar Released

1st June, 2015

While similar in appearance to the outgoing NW Pajero, the NX has slight aesthetic differences that require a new bar design. The ARB Deluxe combination bar accommodates changes in bumper design, a new grille assembly and factory Daytime Running Lights (DRL). The NX bar features ARB's new fog light surround, supplied in a natural black finish, with optional colour coding available. For Continue Reading