5th May, 2008

Dear Sir/Madam,
I recently had the misfortune of reversing into a huge washout north of Townsville; the attempts of two 4WDs to extract me were in vain. “Time to use the winch!” I exclaimed to the wife, only to see her knuckles white from gripping the ‘ooh s*** bar’. “Are we all right?” came this faint burbled question. “Not a problem!” I responded jubilantly. “This is exactly why I bought all that expensive stuff you thought we would never use.”
And that says it all – we ran the winch cable out to a tree, engaged the diff locks and were free in minutes without any sweat or fuss. I fitted my vehicle out to travel to remote locations alone, towing a 19ft Kedron caravan. I chose ARB products based on their performance only and have not been disappointed.
My vehicle was fitted out in both Toowoomba and Rockhampton, as I purchased it in Dalby and live in Gladstone. The guys in Toowoomba did an excellent job, and as for ARB Rockhampton, I can only say that if better service or advice exists, I have not seen it! Thanks to Greg and his team (yep, I’m still fishin’).
To sum up, this email is to say a big thanks to ARB for the quality products they produce, and I can only hope others can see through the ‘cheap screen’ so they can explore our wonderful country, confident that the equipment they have will work when they need it.
Thanks again,
Col Clow