5th July, 2009

I’d just like to congratulate you on how good your bull bars are.
On July 5th 2009, we were involved in a head on collision with a DUI driver. The steel ARB bull bar on our Mitsubishi Pajero took the full brunt of the impact and everybody that has viewed the vehicle has no doubt it saved our lives. Our whole family was in the car: myself, wife and 3 kids (including our 18 month old).
All vehicles were total write offs and the police at the scene were amazed nobody was killed. We were travelling at 70km/h and the other driver was travelling at least the same, witnesses said much more. The other driver’s car was unrecognisable (the whole front gone) and ours, although extremely damaged, had nothing structural. What a great product.
We’re from the country and have owned the bar for over ten years and apart from a few scratches from wayward kangaroos and the odd fallen tree it has never had any damage. The accident happened in the city whilst we were visiting the kids’ grandparents. For those who have been trying to outlaw bull bars in the city, this is one incident where owning a 4WD with a bull bar is justified.
I’ll always have a steel ARB bull bar on all of my vehicles, it saved my family.
Best Regards
B. Matthews