5th July, 2009

I am writing to you to congratulate you on the new Nitrocharger Sport shock absorbers – the new design is a huge improvement on the previous shock and would appear to be far superior to any other brands I have tried of recent years.
I recently have had the requirement to source a new type of shock when I sheared the shaft of a Bilstein that I was running on my 2006 TD 100 Series. This was the second shock in as many months to fail prematurely and no one has provided me with a plausible reason for this. This led me back to the Nitrocharger Sport under recommendation of Macquarie 4×4 in Sydney. I will point out that I now live in the Pilbara in WA and these shocks do get a solid workout when I go off road.
On a recent trip to Rudall River National Park, on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert, I had the opportunity to test both brands of shock, albeit not an ideal test with one set on the front and the Nitros on the back. On this trip we were towing our camper trailer so the rear set was under a considerable load. The difference in performance quickly became noticeable when we left the bitumen and hit the Telfer Mine access road – the rear shocks just appeared to cope better with the culverts and creek crossings. As the day progressed, the roads deteriorated to heavy corrugations and eventually to a goat track, where we finally reached camp. The fade was becoming increasingly noticeable over the day from front to rear, with the Nitro’s definitely outperforming the Bilstein’s.
The following day we unhitched the camper and explored the local region – again the Nitros shone. With no load on the back and rough tracks I thought the ride would be quite rough but it was not.
The real test came when we decided to return home – this leg of the trip was going to be an arduous one in anyone’s book – 10 hours, 8 of which were going to be on dirt. The road conditions started as a goat track, then heavy corrugations, to well formed dirt road. By the time we were halfway through this leg the shock fade was quite noticeable and towards the end of the dirt the fade was so bad on the front the nose was dancing around causing great concern. Unfortunately time was of the essence as I was trying to avoid as much night driving as possible due to the high risk of striking a bullock. There was no noticeable fade on the rear which I found astonishing given the torture I was dealing out to the suspension.
Again I congratulate you on a superior designed shock. I am so impressed by their performance that at the next opportunity I will look to exchange the front pair for the Nitrocharger Sport. The front shocks only have 10,000km on them, however, the Nitro’s ability to cope with fade provides me and my family with another level of safety, and in turn confidence, which in remote areas is paramount.
B. Day