5th September, 2009

We have just completed our 2009 Tagalong Tour season which included the Canning Stock Route, Kimberley, Red Centre and Cape York Tours trialling the new Old Man Emu Nitrocharger Sport Shock Absorbers you kindly fitted to our 2006 Toyota LandCruiser RV Turbo Trayback Support Vehicle.
As you know, we have always run the OME shocks in the past on the same tracks averaging 20,000 kilometers of dirt roads and tracks each year.However these new SPORT units on the same corrugations, ruts, termite mounds, spinifex clumps, washouts, sand dune approaches and descents, creek entries and exits, are something else!
At first we thought that there had been some improvement to the CSR but the track is never maintained and there had been many parties over the track by the time our eleven vehicles traversed the track in May / June.
Each of the other four vehicles running the new Sports version on the CSR agreed with us that light corrugations became just a vibration and moderate and heavy corrugations were much more tolerable with the Sport’s ability to cushion the spring travel. However where we really noticed the difference was on the Gibb River Road and the Cape York Development Road when we hit the dips. The new Sports seemed to grab firmly and evenly only once on exit rather than bouncing unevenly out of the rut.
Needless to say we had no shock absorber failures or spring failures and will be strongly recommending the new OME Nitrocharger Sports Shocks to all our future clients.
Congrats to Old Man Emu and ARB for producing and marketing a top product.
Fun travelling
John and Sue Forwood
Tagalong Tours Broome
Website: www.tagalongbroome.com