Working together

For many of us, whether it’s with a group of mates or as a duo, sharing the thrill of switching the fourby to low range and heading off road on tour is what makes living the 4WDing lifestyle so great.

It’s a lifestyle that ARB store owners Fiona Lacey and Karyn Jennings love being part of; especially being able to work in the 4WD industry throughout the week while enjoying and ‘living it’ on the weekends. Not only do they enjoy sharing the same passion as the customers they meet and help out everyday, but it’s one that they’re also able to share working together in store with their partners. For the two friends, it “just works.”

Building relationships with customers and helping them set up for their holidays comes naturally when you combine the guys’ technical knowledge with their customer service; especially where helping people is “part of the 4WD culture.”

The ARB brand was founded on family business and many of our stores across Australia are also operated by 4WD enthusiast couples and families. Here are two great examples of couples who have found the yin to their yang and a whole lot of 4WD tracks in between.

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“We really enjoy being part of the 4WD community, we have the same passion as our customers when it comes to living the lifestyle.”

– Fiona & Mark Lacey: ARB Springwood & ARB Coopers Plains
– Karyn & Scott Jennings: ARB North Lakes, ARB Caloundra & ARB Caboolture



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Our network is full of 4WD enthusiasts, and no matter what you’re doing with your 4WD; whether it’s outback touring, towing and camping or recreational weekend driving – at ARB, we get it!