Old Man Emu’s Ride Control Engineers have spent countless hours testing and developing spring and shock absorber combinations to best suit a range of accessories and loads that our customers are likely to fit to their vehicles. Our sales people are trained in selecting the best options based on your individual requirements however as a starting point the Old Man Emu suspension selector is an easy way to get started.

Selections are based on the amount of additional weight added to the vehicle with the front suspension selector including allowances for different bull bar and winch combinations whilst rear selection includes options for constant loads. It is important not to underestimate the loads of both accessories and payload as this can result in choosing the wrong components for you and your vehicle’s needs.


The Suspension Selector includes a wide range of popular vehicle makes and models, however it doesn’t represent our entire suspension range.
If your vehicle is not listed, please contact your local ARB store for suspension information.



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With dozens of ARB stores and stockists around Australia, it’s easy to get a quote on a personalised Old Man Emu suspension system for your 4WD.

To get started with lifting your rig and improving ride quality and handling, give your local store a call today to know about the prices of different suspensions and more.

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