Vehicle Weight

Know your vehicle weight limit

Knowing how much of a load your vehicle is designed to carry or tow is crucial to both your 4WD’s efficiency and safety. You need to be aware of your vehicle’s payload and consider what loads you will be adding to your vehicle, taking into account passengers, luggage, accessories, etc and ensure your vehicle is kept within the limits stated on its compliance placard.

Here, we explain what you need to know to ensure your vehicle is both legal and safe.

Measure your 4WD GVM

The easiest way to measure your 4WD GVM is by using your nearest public weighbridge. Available in all states, public weighbridges allow drivers to weigh their vehicles and trailers to get accurate figures on GVM, axle loads, trailer and tow ball weights. To download a list of weighbridges across Australia visit here.

Old Man Emu GVM Upgrades

A certified Old Man Emu suspension package can increase total payloads significantly.
Considering an upgrade for your 4WD? Find out if an Old Man Emu GVM upgrade is available for your vehicle.

Check available OME GVM Upgrades