Ute Lids & Tub Accessories

For those looking for an alternative to a traditional canopy, whether it be for work play or anything in between, the ARB range of ute lids is styled to achieve seamless vehicle integration and ensure your precious cargo is secure and protected.


The ARB Sportlid is a great option when it comes to enhancing the sporty styling of your Isuzu D-MAX while offering secure and weatherproof storage for your gear, as well as functional load carrying capacity on the top.

Offering full rain and wind protection with superior protection against dust ingress, the Sportlid also features a 75kg dynamic load rating and two T-slot channels, making it the perfect platform for mounting a range of lifestyle accessories – including bike racks, rooftop tents and more!

Discover the Sportlid

Discover the Sportlid



For seamless integration, the Sportlid’s sleek design continues on the aesthetic lines of your Isuzu D-MAX.

Gas-Assist Struts

Gas-Assist Struts

The standard gas-assist struts make both the opening and closing operation effortless.

Colour Coding

Colour Coding

Each Sportlid is offered in a smooth finish and painted to the colour code of your D-MAX.

Central Locking

Central Locking

An optional remote locking upgrade is available to integrate with the vehicle’s central locking system.

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Sport Lid Features

  • One Piece Construction

    With its clever hinge design, the single-piece Sportlid allows the lid to function as normal when accessories are mounted on top.

  • T-slot channels

    T-slot channels make installing roof racks or roof bars (as well as a range of complementary accessories) simple and easy!

  • 75KG Dynamic Load

    The Sportlid is rated to a 75kg dynamic load, meaning while driving, up to 75kg of gear can be mounted to the lid safely.

  • ABS Construction

    Constructed using a lightweight and durable combination of aluminium ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic.

  • Weather Protection

    Offering exceptional weather protection, the Sportlid features a full perimeter sealing system and unique folding front seal to direct water away from the cargo area when the lid is opened.

  • Sturdy Handle

    The Sportlid comes standard with an ergonomically designed manual entry handle that’s key lockable to keep all your gear secure. An optional remote locking upgrade is available which integrates with your Isuzu D-MAX’s central locking system.

Discover the sportlid

ARB Sportguard

With model-specific moulding, an anti-slip floor and five-piece design, ARB Sportguard is a premium ute liner to protect your vehicle tray. The multi-piece tub liner minimises wasted load space and simply snaps together with no drilling required while retaining factory load tie-down points. An integrated gutter channel directs water to the rear tailgate area, where it can easily drain away.

In addition, the design allows for excellent air movement underneath the tray and does not interfere with the vehicle drain ports at the front of the tub floor. The ARB Sportguard is compatible with ARB ute lids, OE sportbars and ARB canopies (some modifications required).


  • Anti-slip floor
  • Five-piece design for simple installation
  • Multi-fitment options
  • Vehicle tie-down points retained
  • Contoured design maximises tub space
  • Strong, durable materials