ARB Canopies & Ute Lids

Whether for work, play or anything in between, ARB canopies and ute lids offer flexible storage space, weatherproofing and increased security for your cargo. Our extensive range ensures you’ll find a product that not only suits your individual requirements, but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of any utility.

Built tough and proven reliable in the harsh Australian environment, ARB’s canopies and ute lids are manufactured from UV stable ABS thermoplastic, making them a dependable solution you can rely on for many years to come.

Rest assured your investment is protected with a 3 year, 60,000km nationwide warranty, all backed by ARB’s renowned aftersales support.

Classic Canopy Features

Classic Canopy Features

LED Brake Light

A high output LED brake is fitted as standard across the ARB canopy range, providing added safety while drawing minimal current.

LED Brake Light

A high output LED brake is fitted as standard across the ARB canopy range, providing added safety while drawing minimal current.

Internal Light

Classic canopies are fitted with a powerful halogen light to make it easier to locate work tools and other gear in dark conditions.

Lift Up Front Window

A lift up front window using 2mm tinted safety glass is standard on most models, to allow unobscured rearward vision and easy access to clean the rear cabin glass.

Double Locking Handles

Each canopy features double locking handles on the rear door and come with keyed alike access to any fitted lift up window(s).

Lift-up Window Option (shown)

A lift up window utilising gas struts, is available for one or both sides of a canopy and allows for easier access to the back of your utility. Sliding side windows are standard fitment on all ARB Classic canopies.

Lift-up Rear Door

The lift up rear door operates via gas struts to assist with opening and closing. 4mm tinted and tempered safety glass is used for the rear door and side windows.

Weather Proof Design

The exterior boasts a premium quality, weatherproof design with a UV rated finish to suit the harsh Australian environment.

Premium Tint

ARB canopy side windows and doors are manufactured with factory tinted 4mm thick tempered safety glass to keep your canopy area cooler in summer and improve security.

Durable Mounting System

With durability and safety in mind, all Classic Canopies are attached with a full length mounting system that firmly secures the canopy to your vehicle.

Easy Clean Interior

The Classic Canopy uses smooth, inert materials that are easy to clean, ensuring your interior remains odourless.


  • Tough, impact resistant and UV stable ABS thermoplastic
  • High lift hinge system permits wide opening angle of the lid
  • Fully lockable with push button opening
  • Twin gas struts aid in opening the lid
  • Easy to reach inbuilt cord to assist with closing the lid
  • Completely weather sealed
  • Colour coded to match vehicle paintwork
  • 3 year, 60,000km Australia wide warranty