5th May, 2015

ARB Unveils Alloy Bull Bar

ARB Corporation Ltd, a world leader in aftermarket 4×4 accessories, is pleased to announce the introduction of the ARB Alloy bull bar.

Built around a proven yet entirely distinct architecture, the ARB Alloy bar is setting a new standard for aluminium bull bars.
With modern passenger vehicles offering features such as vehicle integrated safety cells, dynamic chassis setups and a greater emphasis on fuel economy, alloy bull bars provide another option for when the ultimate strength characteristics afforded by a steel bull bar may not suit an individual’s requirements.

The Alloy bar includes unmistakable ARB heritage that is instantly recognisable on and off the road. Through contemporary styling, the Alloy bar has been developed to complement modern vehicle design and achieve a fully integrated appearance with the use of clean design cues and wide centre grille section. 4mm aluminium alloy is used for the outer wings and centre pan for maximum strength, while 60mm alloy outer tubing provides a fresh characteristic that evokes a purposeful yet commanding presence.

ARB’s renowned steel mounting system secures the Alloy bull bar to the vehicle using a series of high tensile bolts. Steel mounts ensure the bar is capable of dealing with demanding winch loads without affecting air bag deployment.

Press forming is used extensively throughout the manufacturing process, contributing to the overall strength of the Alloy bull bar, as well as its ultra-premium style.

A winch cover panel neatly finishes the bar for when a winch is not fitted, and the all-new winch clutch opening, concealed in the grille section, removes the need for clutch cut outs in the top pan.

Three grades of aluminium alloy are utilised in the construction of the ARB Alloy bull bar, each specifically selected for maximum corrosion resistance and high fatigue strength.

The visually stunning polished aluminium appearance is further enhanced through the use of the CMT (cold metal transfer) and TIG welding processes.

The Alloy bull bar has undergone significant testing during development, including extensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to evaluate the structural performance of the new bar, while field testing conducted at the Australian Automotive Research Centre provided ARB with real world results via repeatable and controlled variable testing.

Winch load evaluation has also been performed with winch loads of up to 10,000lbs being placed upon the Alloy bull bar.

For more information on the ARB Alloy bull bar, visit arb.com.au

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