With all that life throws at you, keeping your interior pristine can be difficult. Whether it’s tracking in mud from the worksite, getting wet on that run to the car, or the kid’s dirty shoes from Saturday sport — with ARB’s full suite of premium interior protection, you’ll have peace of mind knowing we have you covered.

Providing elite protection against sun, dirt, water and debris, ARB provides interior protection solutions that work with the original aspects of the vehicle to create the best protection solution for your rig. 

Each aspect of our 4×4 interior accessories will always look fresh, with cohesive ARB design language at the forefront and the added feature of washable interior products.

Whether you’re protecting your ride from everyday spills or heading out on an offroad adventure, our range of car interior accessories has got you covered. Discover our range of seat covers, floor mats and sun shades at your nearest ARB store. 

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Seat Covers

Seat Covers

Give your seats the protection they deserve with top quality, hard-wearing, great looking and airbag compatible ARB Neoprene and Canvas Seat Covers!

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Floor Mats

Floor Mats

Secure, vehicle specific floor protection – ARB Floor Mats are an easy to clean essential for all the debris that life can bring to your vehicles floor.

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Sun Shades

Sun Shades

ARB’s vehicle specific, fitted Sun Shades will clamp in to keep the strong Australian sun out of your 4WD, prolonging the life of your interior and reducing the ambient temperature upon your return.

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  • Are ARB 4x4 interior accessories fitted for specific vehicle models?

    Yes, our entire range of interior car protection products is made to fit specific vehicles to ensure the perfect fit. These aren’t the same products you’ll find at every other 4×4 store — our range is designed to protect your interior and reduce wear and tear as effectively as possible.

    At ARB, we’re your one-stop 4×4 accessory experts, providing quality exterior and interior protection for your rig. Explore our interior protection range online and visit your nearest ARB store today.

  • How do I clean my seat covers?

    Our range of seat covers is designed to be machine washable, making it simple and easy to keep them looking pristine. Simply peel your cover off the seat and place it in the washing machine according to the label’s instructions.

  • Are ARB seat covers water-resistant?

    Yes, our range of seat covers is water resistant and can be machine washed. Our 14oz grey canvas seat covers are 100% waterproof and resistant to rot and mildew.

  • Should I dry my floor mats in the sun?

    We don’t recommend drying your floor mats in direct sunlight after washing them. While our floor mats are designed to be durable, prolonged sun exposure can cause their chic black colour to fade faster. Instead, we recommend air drying them in a dry, shady spot outdoors.

  • Do you stock Black Duck seat covers?

    Yes, we stock a huge range of Black Duck seat covers designed for tough, unforgiving conditions. Our Black Duck seat covers are made with durable canvas or advanced cotton twill composite. Designed and made in Australia, the Black Duck range is designed for mining, agriculture, commercial and recreational offroading.

  • Do your sun shades fall out easily?

    No, our range of sun shades is designed for specific vehicle models to provide a tight fit across your windows – without the need for suctions or straps.