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ARB Base Rack

Make It Your Own

Ultra sleek, boasting a super low mounting profile and lightweight design, the BASE Rack provides unmatched simplicity, flexibility and personalisation in your roof rack set-up. Setting a new benchmark in strength and integration, the BASE Rack incorporates a revolutionary dovetail mounting system that makes attaching and removing loads and accessories easier, faster and more secure.

A unique, side-mounting dovetail system…

…taking accessories and cargo loading to a whole new level of simplicity & personalisation

the BASE Rack

The Rack

Combining its fully-welded construction with its unique vertical cross beam design, the BASE Rack boasts a strength that rids the need for additional sub-frame supports; the result is a super-low roof rack offering improved clearance and sleek vehicle integration.

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ARB’s BASE Rack isn’t just ultra sleek with a super low mounting profile – it’s also extremely light and offers an unmatched level of simplicity, flexibility and personalisation to roof rack setups.

The Full Range
Sizes & Guard Rails

Available in a variety of lengths and widths to suit a growing range of 4WDs, configure the BASE Rack as a flat platform or add guard rails to provide partial or fully enclosed sides – the choice is yours!

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A revolution of roof rack attachments

The BASE Rack’s unique side-mounting dovetail extrusion means you’ll have more uninterrupted cargo space with greater flexibility when choosing mounting locations.  Each accessory attaches to the rack with a simple clamp mount – from Hi-Lift™ Jack mounts and recovery boards, to a custom BASE Rack light bar!

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