Instant Asset Write-Off

Assets of up to $150,000* are now instantly deductible under the Australian Government’s recent upgrades to the Instant Asset Write Off (IAWO) threshold. The stimulus offer is available per asset which means business owners can purchase not only a new work ute, but also kit it out with all their preferred ARB accessories from day dot with massive tax savings.

The IAWO scheme isn’t exclusive to new vehicles – it can also be applied to accessories whether they’re fitted to a new or current vehicle.

*Please consult your financial consultant to check your eligibility.  Refer to the Australian Government’s communications for further information.

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ARB Asset Assist

To assist businesses wanting to take advantage of these tax breaks, ARB is offering ARB Asset Assist, a contactless service to help you choose the right accessories to fit your business’ vehicle – complete with a formalised quote which you can email directly to your new car dealership of choice to ensure you get all the right gear at the time of vehicle delivery.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to purchase accessories for your current business vehicle, the ARB Asset Assist team is happy to present to you a complete and formalised quote which can be fulfilled at any ARB store or stockist across Australia.

Contactless services mean less time away from home and fewer interactions with fewer people in a time we all need to look after each other.



With the Instant Asset Write Off (IAWO), the opportunity to add a canopy, roof rack, bull bar, tow bar or any other ARB accessory to your trade vehicle has never been so practical!

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