28th January, 2015

G’day, I have a query about the ARB Fridge Freezer.

Can the fridge be plugged into both 12V and 240V at the same time? My idea is to permanently mount the fridge in the back of my 4WD and to have both 12V and 240V leads plugged in. When driving, the fridge will run off 12V and when parked in camp I plan on plugging a generator into the socket mounted on the back of the vehicle which will then run the fridge off 240V and also run a permanently mounted battery charger.

So, what I’d like to know is: can the fridge be plugged into both leads at the same time to save me having to get in behind the fridge every time I go from 12V to 240V and vice versa?


Dear Allen,

Thank you for your enquiry on the ARB Fridge Freezer.

In relation to your question, I can confirm with you that this is possible and in fact one of the design features.

The ARB fridge incorporates an AC (240V) priority input. Therefore, whenever 240V is available it will be the power supply for the fridge, saving your valuable battery power for other accessories or vehicle starting. You can leave each of the fridge power cords in the back of the fridge and connect to the appropriate source when available. Remember to place the cord into the specifically designed retention slot on the back of the ARB fridge. Not only can you take advantage of the fridge’s 12/240V capabilities whilst you are camping with a generator or at a powered site campground, but many ARB fridge owners will leave the fridge in the vehicle, pack it (too heavy to lift when full) and cool down the contents the day before travelling using a 240V AC power supply.

We trust you will enjoy many years of service from your ARB fridge.

Robert Puts
(Product Manager – Canopy & Fridge)