Trail Behind

13th April, 2016

WE CONSULT MARK LOWRY FROM ARB HQ ABOUT HOW TO ENSURE TRAILER TROUBLES DON’T RUIN YOUR NEXT TRIP. There is nothing worse than spending countless hours researching your next big trip, putting every effort into ensuring your 4WD is ready to tackle the toughest tracks, only to set off and realise that your trailer just might not be up to the same Continue Reading

Unsealed 4×4 Snatch Strap Destruction Test

16th June, 2015

The mighty snatch strap, relied upon by thousands when it comes to off road recovery situations. With lots of variations on the market, it's hard to tell which are the most reliable. Luckily the guys at Unsealed 4x4 gathered the best (and worst) snatch straps on the market to compare and destroy, all in the name of science. Click the button below to view Continue Reading

Crossings Covered

25th March, 2015

Water crossings can be some of the most intimidating challenges you'll face as a four wheel driver, but, with the right equipment, you should have no problems getting to the other side. Introducing the ARB Crossing Cover. Snorkels and differential breathers play a vital role in ensuring water does not get into your engine or drive train, however, there are other components Continue Reading

Getting Started – Recovery Techniques & Equipment

28th January, 2015

Safety Personal safety and the protection of property are paramount when considering 4WD recovery. Never attempt to recover a vehicle without all the necessary equipment. Only use equipment that is properly rated and in serviceable condition. If in doubt, don’t use it. Ensure that only the people required for the recovery are present. All spectators should be kept at a safe distance. Ensure that there Continue Reading