1st August, 2012

Dear ARB,

I am the proud lady owner of a Nissan Navara D22 2006 diesel model, my dream 4×4. Upon purchase I ensured that it had a winch bull bar, ARB canopy, long range 120L fuel tank, Safari snorkel and dual battery system. I love my 4×4 driving and I am an active member of the local 4×4 club and avid reader of all things 4×4. Being a lady though can sometimes lead to some misled conversations when dealing with retailers and mechanics. I have a wish list as long as my arm not only for journeys to be completed, but accessories to add to my trusty truck.

I have been reading about the OME suspension and was about to upgrade from the saggy standard Navara suspension when the ads appeared for the Nitro Sport suspension. What is the difference between the Nitro Sport and the standard OME suspension? Also, will this affect the lift of my vehicle?

Yours truly,
Jennifer Watterson

Dear Jennifer,

Congratulations on being the proud owner of your well setup Navara D22. Being a previous owner of the same truck I know you will get many years and kilometres of happy ownership from it.

Our new Nitrocharger Sport is the latest OME development in shock absorber design and represents the next evolutionary step for our ever-reliable and much respected Nitrocharger range of shock absorbers.

The main feature owners have noticed and commented on after having Nitrocharger Sport shocks fitted is the tremendous improvement in ride comfort and handling over all types of road conditions. The ability to soak up harsh and rough roads is nothing but outstanding.

While having OME suspension installed in your Navara with Nitrocharger shocks will definitely improve the handling and ride comfort while increasing the ride height by around 30mm, fitting Nitrocharger Sport shocks will give you the latest technology and even more of an improvement. This is coupled with an extra year of warranty on your Sport shocks backed up by over 120 ARB outlets around Australia.

Keep on enjoying your touring – you can never see too much of our great country.

Syd Groves
(Old Man Emu Product Manager)