A new intensity of driving light

Filled with features, Intensity Solis driving lights are now available in two great sizes, with a 9-inch (36 LED) and 7-inch (21 LED) option. Both sizes have an option for either a Spot or Flood beam, and all lights come with interchangeable red and black die-cast side bezels. New to the Intensity range is the Solis’ 5-stage dimmability function, while the introduction of a highly tuned single-piece reflector and high-powered OSRAM LEDs bring the Intensity Solis range to the top of the class in light output.

Not just a remarkable performer, Intensity Solis driving lights represent a value proposition that is worth considering if you’re looking to add some additional driving lights to your vehicle.


Explore the features

One-Piece Reflector Set

Featuring a one-piece independently tuned spot or flood reflector cups improves performance and aesthetics.

One-Piece Reflector Set

Featuring a one-piece independently tuned spot or flood reflector cups improves performance and aesthetics.

IP68 Waterproof Rating

Submersible up to 3 metres, 3 pinning holes on bracket.

Adjustable Bracket

High-pressure die-cast aluminium mount brings the light lower on its fastening position to increase strength and limit light bounce.

Thermal Management

Cooling is maximised via the die-case aluminium body, allowing the efficient dissipation fo heat from the light housing. Intelligent active thermal management of the electronics keeps the lights running at their peak performance.

5 Stage Dimmability

5 preset output settings allow you to alter the intensity of your intensitys!

Silicone Sleeved

For durability, protection and tactile feel.

Interchangeable Bezels

Interchangeable red and black cast aluminium side bezels give you the choice of running a red highlight or keeping the lights all black!

Polycarbonate Lens and Lens Cover

Virtually indestructible covers. Available in clear, amber or solid black.


Both the Intensity Solis 36 and Intensity Solis 21 feature an array of high-performance OSRAM LEDs.

Flood and Spot Variants

The Intensity Solis range is available in dedicated spot and dedicated flood variations which connect to a centralised dimming controller in the wiring loom.

ARB Intensity Solis Driving Light - Flood

Intensity Solis

Flood Light

(Intensity Solis 36 shown with black bezels)

ARB Intensity Solis Driving Light - Spot

Intensity Solis

Spot Light

(Intensity Solis 36 shown with black bezels)

Spot, Flood or a Combination?

How you set up your driving lights should reflect the type of driving and terrain you are driving in.

In areas of wide open land and fast roads such as Outback Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory, a set-up of two spot lights will give you the best throw of light reaching as far down those long straight roads as possible.

For drivers who are predominantly in heavy bush with lots of winding roads such as the Victorian High Country, a set-up of two flood lights will fill the foreground, giving you great visibility to the side of the roads where roos like to hide and throught he next close corner.

For most drivers, however, the combination of one spot (driver’s side) and one flood provides the best of both worlds. The single spot throws a strong direct beam down the road over 1km, while the flood beam fills the foreground and roadside what is often considered the optimal driving light pattern and output.

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Light output and dimmability

With an impressive array of LEDs and a highly tuned reflector design the Intensity Solis has been brought to the top of the class in light output.

The larger Intensity Solis 36 contains a combination of 6x 10 watt and 30x 4 watt OSRAM LEDs, and when measured as a pair of spot beams, the Solis 36 boasts 1 lux @ 1462 metres. Individually, a single flood beam will achieve 1 lux @ 729 metres while one spot beam has an impressive 1032 metres throw.

Packing a significant punch for their size, the Intensity Solis 21 possess a combination of 6 x 5 watt and 15 x 4 watt OSRAM LEDs, and when measured as a pair of spot beams, the Solis 21 boasts 1 lux @ 1181 metres. Individually, a single flood beam will achieve 1 lux @ 620 metres while one spot beam has an impressive 835 metres @ 1 Lux.

Lights this bright need some level of containment, which is why Intensity Solis lights are sold standard with a 5-stage dimmability switch. The ability to dim driving lights is perfect for when you’re approaching highly reflective road signs and is also really effective in low visibility scenarios (such as dust).

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The dimmer is a great feature if you’re getting a lot of bounce back off street signs or in tight winding roads where you want the high beams to be complemented by the driving lights

Light Profile

While the Solis’ light output figures are impressive, what the light really offers the driver is so much greater!

The ultimate goal when designing a driving light is to get two light patterns, one spot and one flood, that offer light where you actually need it. To be most effective, a driving light needs to light the areas of the road and surrounds that match the terrain and driving style. Your driving lights need to be effective either as a matching pair (of spots or floods) or as a combination (one spot and one flood). Creating a light pattern that shines the furthest doesn’t always mean the light is useable – let alone optimal.

Driving lights need to have good central light and shouldn’t have harsh edges, but rather a good feathering of light that bleeds off. Additionally, the light should not be too white as it can cause additional eye strain for the driver, nor should the light throw too much intensity onto the foreground directly in front of the vehicle.

ARB Intensity Driving lights (V2 and Solis) are tuned to provide the optimum offering to suit the above criteria.

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Intensity Solis 36 Dual Spot

Intensity Solis 36 Dual Spot

Intensity Solis 36 Flood

Intensity Solis 36 Flood

Intensity Solis 36 Spot & Flood Combination

Intensity Solis 36 Spot & Flood Combination

Intensity Solis 36 Spot

Intensity Solis 36 Spot


Intensity Solis 21 Dual Spot

Intensity Solis 21 Dual Spot

Intensity Solis 21 Flood

Intensity Solis 21 Flood

Intensity Solis 21 Spot & Flood Combination

Intensity Solis 21 Spot & Flood Combination

Intensity Solis 21 Spot

Intensity Solis 21 Spot

Squatting Design Strength

The squat shape of the new light better suits bull bar pan mounting and helps with lowering the centre of gravity of the lights, making them more stable with less oscillation and vibrating which puts less stress on light and bull bar mounting components (including tabs where applicable).

The Solis light is mounted in an all black, vertical-pivoting adjustable, cast aluminium cradle.

Looking at the side profile, ARB engineers have shaped the heat sink casting with a narrower section at the top of the light and a wider section towards the base. The result? A large light which fits a wide variety of applications with more room to fit in front of big tubes, like what is used on ARB Summit Sahara bull bars.

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Solis Light Covers

Whether you prefer complete black-out, amber or clear – there’s a range of cover colours to choose from to protect your Intensity Solis lights!







Intensity Solis lights FAQs

  • What light configurations are available in the ARB Intensity Solis range?

    In keeping with the Intensity theme, two ultra-high output configurations are available for each size in the Intensity Solis range. Both the Intensity Solis 36 and Intensity Solis 21 range feature a spot light to maximise distance and a flood light to offer greater breadth of beam coupled with strong mid-range distance.

  • What is the light output of the Intensity Solis lights?

    Most lights on the market measure their light output distance in pairs of spot lights. A pair of Intensity Solis 36 spot lights reaches a segment-leading distance of 1462 metres at one lux.

    For the smaller Intensity Solis 21, a sizeable 1181 metres @ lux is achieved with a pair of spot lights.

  • What is the most common configuration setup for touring?

    A combination of both spot and flood lights is the most popular with tourers, as this provides the ability to maximise the benefits of both light types. The spot light provides quality visibility down the road for oncoming road conditions or hazards, while the flood light is able to provide foreground visibility, helping drivers see kangaroos or other wildlife that may emerge from the sides at any moment.

  • What is the LED configuration of the Intensity Solis lights?

    Building upon the V2 Intensity range, the Intensity Solis lights include an array of high-power LEDs. For the Intensity Solis 36 with 36 LEDs, of those LEDs, 30 are 4-watt LEDs, and the remaining are six 10-watt LEDs. For the Intensity Solis 21, six 5-watt LEDs and fifteen 4-watt LEDs are included.

    For all lights in the Solis range, the ultra high power LEDs are focused in the centre, where the reflector is the most efficient, which provides a punch of light down the road.

  • What brand of LEDs are used?

    All included LEDs in the Intensity Solis are German-engineered OSRAM LEDs.

  • Why can the Intensity Solis lights be dimmed?

    The inclusion of a touchpad dimmer with the Intensity Solis lights comes in response to previous feedback on the Intensity range, which suggested that the lights were sometimes too bright. When driving on country roads, the emergence of a town with street signs can cause reflections and significant glare when driving with added driving lights such as the Intensity Solis. The touchpad dimmer allows drivers to choose from five different brightness options, to ensure lighting is appropriate to the driving situation.

  • How is the reflector design unique?

    When designing a quality high-output light, more than just the LEDs need to be considered. A good reflector is another major consideration, as it helps to throw light further down the road as well as make light easier on the eyes and more pleasant to drive by.

    Moving away from the grid-square pattern of the previous Intensity range, the Intensity Solis features 36 unique reflector cups in a one-piece design. We use computer simulations to optimise each reflector cup for performance and efficiency. This helps us to develop an almost random design, which allows light to shoot off in multiple directions, resulting in a good blend of light throughout the whole road. Blended lighting such as this eliminates harsh edges which bounce around as you drive and causes driver fatigue.

  • What are the attributes of a flood light?

    Flood lights aren’t necessarily designed to maximise light reach down the road. The goal of flood lights is a more broad spectrum light, which helps illuminate the foreground and sides, highlighting wildlife on the roadside. Even with more focus on the foreground, Intensity Solis 36 lights can reach more than 700 metres down the road, so they still offer good forward visibility. Designed in an oval shape aimed at maximising sideways lighting, while working to minimise light reflection off the road, the design of the lights helps to reduce fatigue in drivers.

  • How does the structural design of the Intensity Solis lights benefit drivers?

    There are two main advantages of the Intensity Solis structure: the low centre of gravity, and the improved fitment to the bottom pan of a bull bar.
    By providing a far flatter base surface to the light, the mounting of the light can be lower, meaning the squat shape of the light reduces oscillation of the light, which can damage the light and housing, as well as distract and fatigue the driver.

    With the increasing popularity of driving light fitment to the bull bar pan, ARB’s Intensity Solis lights were designed with maximum bull bar compatibility in mind. By designing the lights with a tapered upper and the weight focused towards the base, the Intensity Solis lights have a far greater accommodation for bull bars. With less headspace issues to contend with, there is more opportunity for lateral placement of the light on more current and future bull bar designs.

  • What is the housing and heat sink made from?

    The heat sink and mount of the Intensity Solis is all produced in a high-pressure die-cast aluminium.

  • Can I switch out the red bezels?

    In continuation with the iconic red ring of the Intensity range, the Intensity Solis range come complete with a red bezel fitted. In addition, the Intensity Solis come with an easily interchanged black bezel, for drivers who are seeking a different look.