Aligning with the overarching mission of ARB – preparing & enabling outdoor enthusiasts to travel further & longer off grid in safety & comfort –
the Earth Camper truly embodies the ARB brand providing the ultimate remote area travel companion and experience.

Developed in Kilsyth, Australia and created in ARB’s state of the art facility by our expert Camper specialists,
the Earth Camper is a culmination of ARB’s investment into our product.

Using only top grade equipment, materials and staff presents customers with a one-of-a-kind ARB product,
which has been designed from the ground-up to go the distance.

The Earth Camper personifies this promise to a tee, with our engineers breaking the mould when it comes to camper designs and
re-imagining parts and components used to present a unique take on the popular touring product.



The Earth Camper pioneers ARB’s bold entry into the recreational vehicle (RV) industry. Combining almost 50 years of knowledge & experience in the 4×4 space, we have integrated our skillset across each of our product categories to showcase the very best ARB has to offer, delivering one extremely capable, compact and feature packed off road camper trailer.

The original idea for the Earth Camper was born in 2016, with the goal to give ARB consumers the ultimate in outdoors; a camper trailer that has all the luxuries and more, with the ability to travel to places usually unattainable by regular vehicles (let alone vehicles towing). As a company who designs, fabricates and manufactures world leading products, we knew we have a highly skilled workforce when it comes to fabricating with steel and manufacturing suspension products, so knew we could enter the market with a camper, however it had to deliver in line with the ARB brand.


With an idea in mind of what we wanted to build, we now needed to get stuck into developing, testing and manufacturing the Earth Camper. The initial design brief had some non-negotiables; things we had learnt from our research into the market, and importantly what we wanted for our ARB Earth Camper.

Focusing on the chassis design, ARB wanted to fabricate using ARB’s signature – a tubular design with exposed welds and incorporated a roll cage inspired look featuring 90mm tubing. From there, the vertical shock absorber was crucial to the frame design and it was built to handle the suspension.


Significant testing was completed on the Earth Camper. This involved testing using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software to simulate real life constraints. This testing highlights the stress points of the camper – specifically load and twist – so we optimised the welding to get this right. A trailing arm test rig was also set-up, to simulate the off road stress the trailing arm would be subjected to.

Additionally, ARB tested the Earth Camper in a range of Australian locations and a variety of conditions from gravel, dirt, corrugated and wet roads. From testing, we were able to go back and make the improvements to ensure this Earth Camper can truly go anywhere.


We manufactured the chassis, suspension, electrical and windows and have then lent on third party providers, who are leaders in their field, to provide parts such as the diesel heater, the fibreglass walls and roof and the hot water kit.

Significant investment have been made in development and equipment/tooling. For example, purchasing a hydraulically driven Bender rather than electrical, to bend the larger tube size. We use an E-coat coating process for the chassis, common within the automotive industry, then the chassis is sprayed in a heavy duty, stone resistant polypaint. This is extremely durable and reliable for rust prevention, providing a great solution that will stand the test of time.

The Earth Camper is truly a culmination of all of ARB’s strengths. We have really brought together all of our years of knowledge and experience across each product category into one, extremely capable and compact off road trailer.