23rd March, 2016

Words by Matt Frost, ARB National Sales and Marketing Manager

Easter is always a terrific opportunity to get away for a break, and with Broken Hill just a day’s drive from Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney, the town’s long been a popular destination.

Broken Hill is considered a getaway town to the Outback, and it’s a popular spot to stock up with supplies before heading north into the Corner Country and beyond. The town itself is a fascinating place to spend a few days with its rich mining history, art galleries, cafes and surrounding attractions.

For the 4WDer however, it’s the nearby Barrier Rangers that appeal, with some pretty spectacular scenery and a maze of tracks running through the hills that provide both some challenging drives and an insight into the hardship endured by those early miners. Most of these tracks require access onto private property, and several stations in the area actually welcome off roaders.

Eldee Station was one of the first to do this, and is extremely well set up by offering a range of accommodation and catering options. Away from the homestead paddocks, the region is harsh and remote, and a great place for off road enthusiasts. The property owners can provide maps of the station tracks, and you can go off exploring literally for days.

A few years back the station’s owners, Naomi and Stephen Schmidt, decided to take things one step further and create an off road event at Eldee Station that would allow folks to experience the property and have a bit of fun at the same time. They approached one of Australia’s most accomplished 4WD enthusiasts, Simon Cristie, to assist with engineering the stages and running the event, and the Eldee Easter 4WD Event was born. Sponsors came on board very quickly, including ARB, Kaymar, Lightforce, DP Chip and Hema. Within a couple of years, the event became the biggest of its type in the country in terms of the value of the prize pool offered.

One of the reasons for the event’s success is its very broad appeal to everyone. The competition stages, whilst challenging, are all drivable in a standard 4WD, and require driver skill rather than outright speed. There are also numerous activities for children to enjoy over the weekend, so no one is left out.

This year’s event will be running from March 25th to March 27th, for more details visit the Eldee Station’s website

If four wheel driving, family fun and lots of free stuff is your thing, come along and join the party!