1st April, 2022

After launching the revolutionary BP-51 Bypass shock in early 2015, OME engineers have turned their focus on the renowned NitroCharger Sport shock absorber range, with the intention of pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with next generation technology.

Until now, traditional shock absorbers have been filled with a mineral based oil to provide damping over rough terrain that vehicle owners expect. While readily available, mineral oil cannot withstand the harsh temperatures off road. As shock travel increases, oil foaming can reduce performance and is the main cause of ‘fade’. This results in an uncomfortable ride for passengers.

The Emu has long been an icon of the Australian outback, and this flightless bird is the driving factor behind this new OME product range. Unlike the NitroCharger Sport range, EmuCharger shock absorbers are filled with renewable, sustainably sourced and cruelty free Emu feather oil.

After years of refinement, EmuCharger Sport is an entirely new product harnessing the power of natural ‘biotechnology’ to produce a shock absorber that offers unmatched quality and performance.

“Emu feathers have long been used for a range of consumer goods, and this is the first time we have been able to utilise the intrinsic properties of the oil” says April Foole, director of EmuCharger Sport product development.

“The oil that protects the Emu’s feathers provides a 23% increase in resistance to temperature, and this ensures the EmuCharger Sport can endure sustained, high speed touring” said Mr Foole.

OME is working directly with some of Australia’s largest Emu farmers, and is hoping this latest development will make consumers think differently about what a shock absorber can be.

For all enquiries, please contact aprilfools@arb.com.au*

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