Full visibility: see more with ARB’s new Intensity V2 driving lights

25th January, 2019

FULL VISIBILITY: SEE MORE WITH ARB’S NEW INTENSITY V2 DRIVING LIGHTS   Once you have experienced a quality driving light, you will wonder how you ever did without it. The vision improvement between your vehicle’s high-beam and a powerful LED driving light is simply chalk and cheese. Improvements in LED technology coupled with engineering advancements of internal reflectors have resulted in useable light Continue Reading

New range for mini fourby

23rd January, 2019

Suzuki has been the leader in mini 4WDs since the 70s, so when they announced a new model of the Jimny, the world listened. Sporting a slightly larger engine, an up-to-date infotainment system and new safety components, the pint-sized fourby is a serious contender in the Australian market. Suzuki Australia knows how important the right gear is to the Australian public Continue Reading

Breaking boundaries with broken bones

22nd January, 2019

It's 22 days out from one of the world's most notoriously gruelling desert race and you break your wrist, what do you do? If your name is Toby Price, you suck it up, get your way to Peru, smash through 10 stages over 11 days of torturous off road racing... oh, and you win! Toby reached out to ARB 4x4 Accessories Continue Reading

Under pressure

22nd January, 2019

ARB has released a new Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that gives you all the information you need from the comfort of the driver's seat; helping avoid dangerous, costly and inconvenient tyre blow outs. Monitoring up to nine tyres (perfect for towing applications), the latest in TPMS offers pre-set on and off road pressure alarms for instant cross-terrain configuration. Customers can Continue Reading

Control your comfort

19th December, 2018

The iconic Land Rover Defender has been gracing the tracks since the early 1980s. The coil sprung, live axle vehicle took the 4x4 community by storm, impressing even the harshest critics. Across the years many people and companies have modified the Defender to improve the capability and comfort of the vehicle. On the back of many successful applications, ARB has now Continue Reading