Fridge Freezer Monitor

The fridge monitor will make all of your travels a little more comfortable. Easily view current fridge temperature, supply voltage and compressor status from the highly legible, backlit LCD display. With a 30m line of sight or 15m interrupted transmission range, the monitor is capable of displaying up to two fridges with the addition of a second transmitter.

With a range of selectable channel frequencies, a number of fridge monitors can be used without inadvertently monitoring other fridges within a convoy.

Supplied with quick release bracket and necessary mounting hardware.

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Tie Down System

ARB’s tie down system is ideal for ensuring your fridge is secured at all times. With black powder coated steel clamps and plastic coated ends, matched with webbing straps and quality spring loaded clips, this accessory is a smart and functional addition for your 4WD fridge.

Powder coated steel adaptor brackets bundled with stainless steel mounting hardware means fitment to ARB’s fridge slide is simple.

Canvas Transit Bag

The ARB transit bag shields your fridge from dents and scratches while also providing additional insulation in extreme temperatures. Made of tough, durable canvas, the functional ARB transit bag features a handy side pocket for items such as the power cord or instruction booklet, as well as openings for the fridge’s rubber feet, power cables and drain plug hole.

Fridge Slide

With a flat mounting base for secure fitment and multi position latch, the fridge slide will ensure easy access to your car fridge at all times. Sealed roller bearings prevent dust ingress and incorporate a lock-in lock-out mechanism to ensure the slide stays in position no matter what angle your vehicle is on.

Finished in a zinc plated and black epoxy E-coat surface finish for superior corrosion resistance.

To find out the dimensions of the Fridge Slide, select the relevant fridge from ARB’s range of Fridge Freezers:



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MSA 4X4 Fridge Drop Slide

Lighter. Stronger. Safer. Smarter. The Drop Slide slides out from its stowed position and lowers a full 30cm in one smooth, safe and easy motion, enabling the platform to remain in a perfectly horizontal position the whole time. It allows for unrestricted access to your fridge at a safe level with ease, before raising the slide in one very light and easy motion back into its stowed position. Side Drop Slide models are also available which are designed for specific applications where your Drop Slide is better suited sideways, as the vehicle doesn’t have enough depth for a standard Drop Slide to be installed.

MSA 4X4 Fridge Barrier

Providing protection for your fridge as well as keeping the surrounding storage space organised, the MSA 4X4 Fridge Barrier is adjustable in height and enables cargo to be stacked around it to keep access to the fridge free and easily accessed while providing ventilation.

Manufactured from satin black powder coated steel mesh panels, the barrier also includes 4 mounted mesh side-pockets for handy storage of smaller items.

Full Extension Fridge Slide

The full extension fridge slide offers 100% extension capability, providing additional storage behind the 35L or 47L ARB Fridge Freezer. This additional space is ideal for storing equipment or a sealed battery.

The full extension slide is designed to carry 120kg of load (80kg on the front tray and 40kg on the rear tray). A drain hole cut out allows owners to extend the slide away from vehicle and easily drain the ARB Fridge Freezer. Bearing slides feature 4-way adjustable anti-vibration pads to prevent annoying rattles.

ARB Cable Guide

Are your fridge or battery cables untidy, interrupting the sliding motion of the fridge roller, or getting caught up in cargo while you’re on the move?

With the ARB Cable Guide accessory, you’ll be able to declutter, protect and complete your unique drawer set-up by providing a safe and enclosed track for your cables! Available in a 1m length that can be shortened to accommodate your fridge size, drawer length and drawer set-up, this handy accessory can also be run under the floors or power outlets added to the side floors to give a more seamless finish.

Suitable for use with most automotive cables and ARB roller floors, the ARB Cable Guide includes an S bracket to suit RDRF applications and a flat bracket for RF/RFH modules with RFFKADP adaptors.



  • Length: 1,000mm (39.37″)
  • Inner size: 10mm (0.39″) x 11mm (0.43″)
  • Outer size: 14mm (0.55″) x 17.5mm (0.68″)


  • Suitable for most fridge 12V power cables and automotive cables
  • Steel brackets with hardware finished in black powder coat
  • 1000mm length suitable for all ARB drawer systems
  • Length can be adjusted to suit drawer travel


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12 & 24V Wiring Accessories

ARB stocks a wide range of 12 & 24 volt wiring accessories to suit the fridge freezer, allowing flexible placement options or simply to hard wire the fridge into the vehicle. These accessories will reduce possible voltage drop as they employ 6mm double insulated auto cable. Along with a selection of speciality threaded sockets and surface mount housings; ARB can tailor a package to suit your individual requirements.