25th August, 2023

When a vehicle manufacturer designs a 4WD, designs are centred on a mass market that has a variety of uses for that vehicle. 

A vehicle’s suspension system is one area that is compromised between the need to carry additional loads while retaining elevated levels of comfort and precise handling characteristics as expected in today’s modern vehicles. 

It may be a daily driver picking up kids from school and doing the grocery shopping, it could be a tradesman’s vehicle carrying a variety of tools and equipment, or it could be a touring vehicle towing a camper, caravan or boat.  Additionally, it could be a weekend warrior, tackling harder off-road tracks and trails. With hours, weeks, months and even years being spent developing and testing vehicles, Old Man Emu ensures being able to satisfy the varied uses, many aspects of the design of that vehicle become compromised. 

A suspension kit usually refers to replacement shock absorbers/struts and springs, as these are the simplest items to change enabling a vehicle to handle the additional requirements you are placing on it. However, that is not where a suspension kit stops. Depending on the type of suspension design your vehicle has, there are other components that may be complementary to the fitting of the shocks/struts/springs or require replacement as the components wear or the vehicle ages. Some of these components help with maintaining comfort and longevity of other components, such as upper control arms, bushes and top hats. OME has you covered for the essential shocks and springs, as well as the complete suspension system including all components needed to lift your 4WD. Whether it’s a brand-new Ranger or a 40-year-old LandCruiser; OME Suspension will ensure reliability, comfort and control in your 4WD.