25th August, 2023

Many four-wheel-drive owners choose these cars as a towing vehicle. Whether that is for a camper trailer, a big caravan, large boat, a horse float or something else, the standard suspension is capable of this but usually as the sacrifice for comfort and handling. Once you begin to add weight like tow ball load to a vehicle that has not been fitted with heavy duty springs the handling, performance and reliability will begin to suffer.  

This is caused by the weight in the rear bringing the back of the car down which in turn makes the nose go up. This can make the vehicle quite uncomfortable as the rear springs have less travel and are close to the bump stops, making long touring driving unpleasant and exhausting for both the driver and occupants. Another effect this has on the vehicle is that it takes away control from the vehicle steering, this can be a real problem when unexpected obstacles appear while driving in town and around remote areas. 

An application specific and vehicle specific aftermarket suspension upgrade give you the ability to refine your vehicle suspension to best suit your towing needs. OME offers multiple combinations of suspension solutions that are tailored to handling heavy loads. OME also offers GVM upgrades for those that are towing whilst having a fully loaded vehicle, to find out more check out our article that explains GVMs and GCMs.