8th January, 2016

After extensive testing and development,  OME suspension is now ready to equip the MQ Triton.

Due to factory suspension geometry constraints, overall lift height was limited, so particular focus was given to ride comfort and control. While the MQ shares many suspension components with the outgoing MN Triton, our engineers re-evaluated the entire suspension system of the new Triton. This resulted in significant changes to the leaf spring design and an all new strut with new shock tuning.

Up front, four spring options have been developed to cater for the follow setups:

  • No bar
  • Bar
  • Bar and winch
  • Bar, winch and accessories

A 25mm lift has been achieved in each configuration. Limitations imposed by the MQ’s front control arm droop stop have prevented additional lift. Two front strut options can be chosen depending on spring selection. Improved shock tuning has resulted in a more comfortable ride while maintaining excellent control, both on and off the road.

For the rear, a 20mm lift was achieved, which adjusts the vehicle’s stance and reduces the significant amount of factory rake. Three options cater to differing load requirements.

  • Medium loads (0kg to GVM, optimal performance at loads of 0-300kg)
  • Constant 300kg (300kg to GVM, optimal performance at loads of 300-600kg)
  • Constant 600kg (600kg to GVM, optimal performance at loads of 600kg plus)

Three shock absorber options complement the rear leaf spring load ratings, with shock length increased by 10mm to improve wheel travel.

To see and feel the difference an integrated OME suspension setup will make to your MQ, get in touch with your nearest ARB store or stockist.