Whether you’re battling heavy rains or heading into deep water, Safari Snorkels keep your engine dry and your air intake flowing smoothly.

Safari 4×4 Engineering has designed and manufactured automotive snorkels and 4×4 performance systems for decades. Their signature lies in the quality and durability of their components and the attention to detail in every system.

Our range of Safari 4×4 snorkels is designed for recreational and commercial use. Each product is the result of an extensive research and development program that ensures your brand-new 4×4 snorkel is fully engineered for off-road adventures. From dusty conditions to heavy rains, floods and deep snow, our 4×4 snorkel kits have got you covered.

If you need a snorkel for your 4×4, visit your nearest ARB store today. We’ll ensure you find the right fit for your vehicle model.

When driving through water, the change in temperature to your diffs, transfer case and gearbox causes a vacuum effect, sucking water into places it doesn’t belong.
The solution: a 4 Port ARB Diff Breather Kit.


  • How do Safari Snorkels work?

    Safari Snorkels relocate the air intake point on your 4×4 from the relatively low and vulnerable position under the hood to a much higher, safer location on the vehicle. This elevated position significantly reduces the risk of water entering the engine’s air intake system, which can cause serious damage, including hydrolock – a condition where water enters the engine cylinders, leading to potential engine failure.

    Safari’s Air Ram intake head uses the vehicle’s forward motion to push air into the engine. In the case of water splashes or rain, the air ram separates water from the air and channels the water out through the built-in drainage systems before it can reach the engine. This ensures that only clean, dry air is drawn into the engine, even when navigating through deep water crossings.

  • Should I choose the ARMAX Performance Snorkel or a Traditional Safari Snorkel for my 4x4?

    Safari’s ARMAX Snorkel and Traditional Snorkel are both designed to enhance your off-road experience, but they cater to different needs and driving styles when tackling the great outdoors.

    The ARMAX Snorkel range is all about performance and efficiency. It’s the choice for those who want to push their vehicle’s capabilities while exploring off-road. ARMAX Snorkels provide increased airflow to the vehicle’s airbox. This is crucial for those who demand higher performance, especially if they’ve made other modifications to their vehicle. The ARMAX features a 4″ air ram and a wider body, ensuring more air is delivered to the engine. This range is perfect for the off-road enthusiast who wants to maximise their vehicle’s performance in challenging environments.

    Like ARMAX Snorkels, the Traditional Safari Snorkel range protects your engine from dust, snow and water ingestion – essential for keeping your 4WD running smoothly in various conditions. These snorkels are made from premium quality polyethylene, making them incredibly resilient and UV stable, perfect for withstanding harsh environments. Traditional and ARMAX snorkels are designed for each specific vehicle model, providing seamless integration with your 4WD. They’re the ideal choice for those who want reliable engine protection and a snorkel that complements their vehicle’s design.

    If you’re after enhanced performance and efficiency — especially in conjunction with other vehicle modifications — the ARMAX Snorkel range is your go-to. If you’re looking for robust engine protection without enhanced performance, the Traditional Safari Snorkel range is the one for you. Both ranges offer the quality and reliability Safari is known for, so your choice depends on how hard you want to run your 4×4 when heading off-road.

  • Are Safari Snorkels designed for specific vehicle models?

    Yes. Each snorkel is designed for specific vehicle models like the Toyota Hilux, Nissan Patrol, Mitsubishi Triton and more to ensure the perfect fit. Always be sure to choose the correct model number and year when selecting a safari snorkel for your 4×4.

    Not sure what snorkel is right for your vehicle? Head to your nearest ARB store and we’ll find the perfect fit for your rig.

  • Can I install a 4x4 snorkel myself?

    Yes, you can. While 4×4 snorkel kits come with everything you need for installation, we recommend getting your 4×4 snorkel installed by a professional to ensure it fits correctly.

    At ARB, our expert team will install your brand-new 4×4 snorkel in-store! Find your nearest ARB store online and pop in for expert installation on your new snorkel. Visit us today.

  • Can I keep the snorkel on my 4x4 even when not off-road?

    Yes. A snorkel is a must-have for your ride, whether you’re cruising on the highway or tackling the rough trails. It’s all about getting the fresher, cleaner air into your engine. It’s not just about crossing rivers or dealing with high water – a snorkel can also give your performance and fuel economy a boost when you’re driving in heavy rain or dusty spots.

  • Can Safari Snorkels improve fuel efficiency?

    A snorkel plays a crucial role in delivering clean and cool air to the engine, effectively filtering out particles that could hinder engine performance. It also reduces the workload on your air filters.

    Typically, engines draw air from within the engine bay, but a snorkel provides a more direct and efficient air supply. A snorkel essentially enhances your engine’s ability to breathe, leading to improved fuel efficiency.

  • Will driving in the rain damage my Safari Snorkel?

    No. Safari Snorkels are specifically engineered to tackle rain and moisture. If rainwater does enter the snorkel, it won’t go straight to the engine. Instead, the interior design of the snorkel, particularly the air ram, guides the water along its walls towards strategically positioned drainage slots. These slots are carefully designed to allow water to exit the snorkel system efficiently before it can pose any risk to the engine.

    This drainage mechanism ensures that the snorkel protects the engine from water ingress even in heavy rain.