Summit Bull Bar

The ARB Summit bar continues the tradition of pioneering innovation and our relentless pursuit on quality. Summit is a modern interpretation of the renowned ARB Deluxe bar, styled to complement modern dual cab and wagon vehicles through a fresh, contemporary design language.

Building upon our proven air bag compatible bull bar mounting architecture, the Summit bar incorporates unique design features such as a 30mm edge radius on the wings and centre pan, wider press formed cover straps, 60.3mm top tubing, two piece polyethylene buffers and redesigned fog light surrounds (option for LED or halogen lights); resulting in the most visually impressive frontal protection system on the market.



LED Indicators and Clearance Lights

12 high intensity yellow LEDs and 4 white LEDs provide increased light output in all conditions.

LED Indicators and Clearance Lights

12 high intensity yellow LEDs and 4 white LEDs provide increased light output in all conditions.

Fog Lights

Perfect for driving in inclement weather, these fog lights (LED and halogen options available) provide a broad spread of light to illuminate the road ahead.

Split Pan Design

The wide, split pan design enhances the strength of the bar, while providing the radiator and engine with a massive amount of air flow. An integrated winch clutch opening makes winch operation simple.

Winch Compatibility

Mounting a winch to a vehicle requires a properly supported structure that is designed to accommodate the stresses of winching. When using a snatch block to increase winching capacity, the forces are multiplied to several times the rated capacity of the winch. The ARB Summit bar features the option of fitting a winch, and is designed and tested to endure and exceed such loads.

Wing Design

The furthest most point from the chassis and often the point of impact in an animal strike, the wing area is by far the most vulnerable. ARB pioneered the multi fold upswept and tapered wing design, which provides an enormous amount of strength and maintains an optimum approach angle.

Driving Light Provision

Exceptionally durable and secure, all ARB bars serve as an ideal platform to mount driving lights, helping ensure maximum performance and longevity. Driving lights mounted to a high quality bull bar prevents problems such as excessive movement, a vibrating beam pattern, premature bulb failure and eventual fatiguing of the light bodies.

CB Aerial Brackets

The Summit bull bar incorporates two CB aerial brackets welded behind the top cross tube. Custom fit, clamp on brackets are also available for additional antenna mounting.

Air Bag Compatible

With an air bag equipped vehicle, it is essential that the vehicle's crush rate and air bag triggering are not altered when a bull bar is installed. ARB assesses each vehicle's frontal crush characteristics and replicates the crush rate into the design of each air bag compatible bull bar and its steel mounting system. This achieves maximum possible vehicle and passenger protection without affecting the crash pulse.

Hi-Lift Jacking Points

Eliminating the need for a mounting bracket, twin ARB Jack or Hi-Lift jack points are located beneath each buffer.

Steel Uprights

Each bull bar upright is cut from a single sheet of steel and extends from the top tube through to the bumper section and actually forms part of the bar to chassis mount. This process ensures the whole outer frame receives the maximum possible support. Wide, press formed cover straps are then welded onto each upright to ensure there are no exposed sharp edges.

Larger Tubing

60.3mm mandrel steel tubing provides increased frontal protection, as well offering greater visual styling to modern four wheel drive vehicles.

Wider Edge Radius

A 30mm wing and centre section edge radius offers increased strength while complementing modern vehicle design.

Press Formed Top Pan and Cover Panel

Press forming has been utilised to create a stronger centre pan that features smooth, continuous edges. A press formed aluminium winch cover panel finishes off the bar for when a winch is not installed.