ARB Classic Plus Canopy

Classic Plus Canopy

Building on the proven design of the Classic canopy, the Classic Plus canopy integrates a single, centralised, electronic handle door which incorporates keyless entry and ‘slam shut’ style operation.

The Classic Plus canopy maintains the popular Classic shell, available in a smooth finish and embodying the proven design and engineering of the Ascent canopy’s central locking system.

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Classic Plus Canopy Features

Premium windows with tinted safety glass

Adding to the visual appeal of the Ascent, the design features a double-curved rear door and side windows with frameless, tinted safety glass rated to international standards. 5mm thick with a dark grey tint (28% visual light transmission), the tinted safety glass ensures cargo is protected from UV penetration and adds security against prying eyes.

A clear, lift-up front window provides unobstructed rear vision and the ability to clean the exterior surface of the vehicle cabin and canopy glass.

Remote Central Locking to Rear Door

For increased security, the Classic Plus’ rear door features an electronically operated exterior window release with the convenience of remote central locking. Via the vehicle’s key fob, the canopy’s rear door will lock or unlock simultaneously with the vehicle’s doors.

Additionally, working seamlessly with the vehicle’s locking system where an ‘auto-lock’ function is available, if the vehicle is unlocked and the doors have not been opened, the Classic Plus’ rear door will auto-lock.

If the vehicle’s keys/remote is lost or the battery goes flat, the Classic Plus’ manual key override on the rear door allows access to the tub.

Side lift-up windows feature mechanical twist-lock D handles which are locked and unlocked via supplied keys.

A yellow anti-entrapment dial allows the rear door to be locked or unlocked from within the canopy itself.

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Lift-up or sliding windows with secure locking system

The Classic Plus canopy offers lift-up or sliding window configurations to ensure there is something to suit a variety of different needs.

With security being a key feature,  double-locking handles are included on the lift-up windows as well as twin catches located inside the canopy to keep the tub area secure.

Lift-up window

Available for one or both sides of  the Classic Plus, the popular lift-up window allows for easier access to the back of the utility and feature gas struts for self-supported window opening as well as an inbuilt rain gutter system to prevent water ingress

Sliding window

A standard fitment on all Classic Plus canopies, sliding side windows feature four lockable positions.

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Durable mounting system

Durable mounting system

The Classic Plus canopy features a robust mounting systemthat utilises the vehicle tub structural fixing points.

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Weatherproof design

Weatherproof design

The exterior features a weatherproof design with a UV rated finish to suit the harsh Australian environment.

The majority of ARB’s canopy materials are recyclable to help reduce unwanted landfill and waste. Components including the strong yet lightweight ABS shell, the window and door glass, steel mount rails, window frames and roof bow are all recyclable.

Classic Plus Canopy Accessories

Canopy Roof Racks

Canopy Roof Racks

The Ascent Canopy offers an optional internal support system that forms the foundation for an array of roof load accessories for carrying additional cargo.

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Canopy Vent

Canopy Vent

The optional canopy vent works to pressurise the interior of the canopy, inhibiting dust ingress through the tailgate area.



With model-specific moulding, an anti-slip floor and five-piece design, ARB Sportguard is a premium ute liner to protect your vehicle tray.

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Ute liner

Ute liner

Constructed from impact-resistant, UV stable polyethylene, each ARB Ute Liner is vacuum formed to precise tray dimensions for both over and under rail vehicles

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