ASK ARB – When to use Air Lockers

28th January, 2015

Hi ARB, My recent decision to fit front and rear ARB Air Lockers into our KJ Jeep Cherokee has brought with it much excitement and anticipation of the increased capability of the vehicle. Being my first experience with lockers, I was wondering if you could give me and others that may be considering Air Lockers a rundown of when and how they Continue Reading

ASK ARB – Air Lockers vs Traction Control Devices

28th January, 2015

Hi, I have a 2009 model Series 200 VX LandCruiser, which is fitted with an array of traction control devices. I am curious as to comparisons you would make between ARB diff lockers and the traction control devices. It seems to me that the traction control devices use brakes to achieve a very similar function to the diff lockers. But at the Continue Reading

ASK ARB – Air Locker vs LSDs

28th January, 2015

Hi, In the article 'To Locker or Not to Locker', Ian Bellert makes the following statement: "The factory limited slip differentials tend to do exactly what you don't want them to - throw power across to the wheel that is spinning and has no grip." This is fundamentally wrong. An open differential will throw power to the spinning wheel. A limited slip Continue Reading

ASK ARB – Air Locker vs Centre Diff Lock

28th January, 2015

Dear ARB, I have recently taken my family Toyota LandCruiser 80 Series on a 4WD track with my wife and children. I wanted to test the capabilities before I take them Outback onto more demanding terrain. The vehicle responded really well on the steep, uneven, broken stone terrain; however I have a query about the different types of diff lock. In my Continue Reading

ASK ARB – Mitsubishi Triton

28th July, 2014

Hi ARB, Firstly thanks Greg, Rebecca and Mark for their answers to the letters in the latest edition. You guys really know your stuff. I have a 2010 MN Triton and have been researching lift kits. Most conversations I have with other 4WDing enthusiasts will inevitably include the question ‘Are ya gonna get a lift kit, mate?’ Well, yes, eventually I will, but Continue Reading