The Old Man Emu brand has its roots firmly planted in off road racing and draws its name from the emu’s ability to maintain great stability when moving over uneven terrain at high speeds. From humble beginnings in 1976, ARB purchased the company in 1988 and has continued to develop and test the products in Australia’s harsh 4WD environments.

Since then Old Man Emu has been an industry leader, pioneering the suspension industry with a promise that includes the latest technology, designed by top engineers to deliver products that are tailored to a customers needs.

Old Man Emu produces suspension to suit you, no matter your lifestyle.

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Old Man Emu carries the same uncompromising standards as ARB when it comes to the quality and ingenuity of the products presented in the suspension range. Our team of experts are no different; with an in-house team of industry leading engineers specialising in suspension that deliver customers a balance of both comfort and performance.

Old Man Emu can guarantee our superior suspension products are developed meticulously with the highest grade materials and practices to perform at the highest level. Leaning on the benefits of working with a company like ARB, Old Man Emu can provide vehicle and lifestyle specific products, catered to specifications that suit both the vehicle and the customer.

Totalisation (Full Suspension Systems)

Old Man Emu provides totalised suspension systems, which work harmoniously to bring next-level comfort to your 4WD. Designed to amplify your experience off-road, having a complete Old Man Emu fit-out in your vehicle is an essential to maximise the output of your system.

From the shocks to the bushes and everything in-between, Old Man Emu provides a replacement for every aspect of your vehicles suspension to take your ride to the next level of comfort and performance.

Personalisation (Range of Options)

Want a suspension system that will adjust with your needs? With an array of options to suit your needs, Old Man Emu offers a range of accessories engineered to different specifications to tailor fit your lifestyle, ensuring your 4WD will have the perfect fit.

At Old Man Emu, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach with our products. Whether it’s springs or shocks, OME provides options that are designed to support different loads to provide you with a specific solution guaranteed to take your comfort and performance to the next level.


With ARB stores, stockists and distributors in over 120 countries around the world, it’s easy to get a quote on a personalised Old Man Emu suspension system for your 4WD.

To get started with lifting your rig and improving ride quality and handling, give your local store a call today to know about the prices of different suspensions and more.